2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo – interior Exterior and Drive

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Ferrari F8 Tributo 2020

Technical specifications


Type V8 – 90° twin turbo
Overall displacement 3902 cc
Max. power output* 720 cv (530 kW) @ 7000 rpm
Max. torque* 770 Nm @ 3250 rpm
Specific power output 185 cv/l
Max. engine speed 8000 rpm
Compression ratio 9.6:1


Length 4611 mm
Width 1979 mm
Height 1206 mm
Wheelbase 2650 mm
Front track 1677 mm
Rear track 1646 mm
Kerb weight ** 1435 kg
Dry weight ** 1330 kg
Weight distribution 41.5% fr – 58.5% r
Boot capacity 200 l
Fuel tank capacity 78 l


Front 245/35 ZR 20 J9,0
Rear 305/30 ZR 20 J11.0


Front 398 x 223 x 38 mm
Rear 360 x 233 x 32 mm


F1 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox

ELECTRONIC CONTROLS E-Diff3, F1-Trac, High Performance ABS/EBD with

Ferrari Pre-Fill, FrS SCM-E, SSC 6.1 with FDE*


0-100 km/h 2.90 s
0-200 km/h 7.8 s
Top speed 340 km/h
Fiorano lap time 1’22.5”

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Elmouhtij Brahim says:

🔑⚽️LOG5D 🏗🚘🇮🇹=👎=👨‍⚕️3=4🧠🎙🎅/7🏗🚘🇮🇹○8/16=👅🔋3V=📈OFF📆🔩🚘💳💡✉📰📊🗝

poeta Piotr Rysiewski says:


Mohd hirzi bin abdul razak Izi says:

6 biji utk utk sendiri

Keophiroun says:

One day! 🙂

Mesh Alqu says:

Zero turbo lag

Thomas Stalder says:

What about the boot space?

Rithem Rithem says:

Male or female

Денис Ковалёв says:

В голубом цвете F8 огонь

Jand Singh says:

my dream car

Péter Nagy says:

Auto rojo con 8cilindros es Corvett.

Francesco Zati says:

that's not noise, that's music to my ears…

Brandon says:

i dont undersdtand why ferrari even bothers to build new models that can't beat the new Tesla Roadster. Figure it out. You'll lose every race until you figure it out.

Я says:


Antonio says:

Non ci sono paragoni, ferrari è il TOP, un'opera d'arte ingegneristica!

marvolouz1 says:

i was considering a portofino as my first ferrari , then i had one of these for a week and put in an order on this, nearly 80k with less options than the portofino but the drive is insane. cannot wait…

Topper Harley says:

Looks like the bastard has made a decent rendition this time.

otta19 nata71 says:

Deutsche Ingenieure müssen nur die Wurst in den Arsch stecken!!!!!!

매주로또1등당첨 says:


Martin Jimenez says:

I think im in love

Castillo Francisco says:

Blue red are perfect !!

navylaks2 says:

It is a very beautiiful car i must say 😉

Giuseppe Andrea Livecchi says:

Woooow!!!!! I love this car!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Fantastic work by Ferrari!!!!!!!

Pop Korn says:

Welcome on earth simply and long life.

Anuwat Buanak says:



Flying Ferrari suvs ready for take off soon at the next motor shows

C. L. Bolen says:

For the down payment on one of these, you can own a C-8 Corvette.

The Firmament says:

why does girl have to drive like a lunatic?she's not the one who will be buying the tires

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