2020 Hot Wheels News – Mclaren SpeedTail, $1000 Koenigsegg, Gold Lamborghini + More

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2020 Hot Wheels News – Mclaren SpeedTail, $1000 Koenigsegg, Gold Lamborghini + More

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itzandrewッ says:

My collection is so much m9ney

itzandrewッ says:

Cant wait to buy some

[VD]Sh4d0w GuY says:

But the n case is the koenigsegg jesko for the n case hot wheels for price of 1000 dollars

DimondBlazer Reviews says:

hello from sepember 2020 the agera r you can now buy on amazon for $40

Abhirup Majumder says:

You are a very lucky person
How you get that news of the golden Lamborghini centenario roadster.😮😮 I am shocked.😨😨

Mousumi Shome Bose says:

I still didn't got the agera r. But I will try to get that in Amazon.in.😭

Chris Cho says:

The gold chrome set is fake

Rob Le says:

The mclaren speedtail is lie lie lie lie lie 😠 😠 😭😭😭😔💔👎

Skyler Benoit says:

I wonder if the Polestar 1 and the Koenigsegg Regera would also become a Hot Wheels too….

Rob Le says:

Mclaren speedtail is los lie😠😠😠 no salio

R Carguy says:

Come on. Who votes for Hot wheels to recreate the Toyota supra

FOTO MORFEJ fotograf i video snimatelj says:

So only Americans can buy the Agera r?! That is sooo unfair. That means that we others can only buy the (nfs) Agera on line for no less than 60$!!!!

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