2020 Lamborghini Sian RTX ON || GTA V RAY TRACING [60FPS] _REVIEW

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This is not my modification. I’m not creator – I only recorded a movie with this modification. Author is below with link to download mod ; )
If author of mod don’t wont these video – please write comment – I will delete movie. Hi. This is mix M.V.G.A & REDUX & Reshade Modifications + Ray Tracing Mod _ RTX ON Grand Theft Auto Mod

Created by: OYC Organization
Title: 2020 Lamborghini Sian
Download: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2020-lamborghini-sian-official-version-color-version-hq-add-on-hq-air-spoiler


This video is REVIEW – a formal assessment of something and have a educational content for all people who decited download modification.
All reviews are completed by an actual person (not a “bot” or algorithm). I am working on ways to improve the channel.


Fadhel Rachman says:

Nice cars models CSR 2


My spoiler not working please give me solution

Mehmet BAŞARAN says:

Sen türkmüsün You're a turk.

CHAI Bai says:

how to install

Party Panda Nation says:

Nice video 👍

T says:

This one was closer, no fire trails / exhaust boost, which was good, but you never showed the interior of the car and if the gauges work, you didnt try the blinkers and we never got to see if you could see out the windows when they're tinted. This didnt give enough info to know if we should download the car.

John Zueiro says:

Nice mod and video ♥️

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