2020 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 730 HP

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0-100 km/h 3.2 sec 0-200 km/h 9 sec

video by: @mr.benz63


Mercedes-Benz Maybach Fans says:

Check out the new BRABUS S800 Coupe: https://youtu.be/ugVpqPNqGXY

lord electron says:

That car is noice

Maddox Watts says:

Why do they do the black series

Arsim Ziju says:


Ok says:

Yeah the cars insane but who's the hero behind the car pulling out the cover undetected?

Ionut Duwcrjyrh6h says:


МУЗЫКА душевно says:


tortledude says:

Sure, it looks great, but it’s not a Black Series. If you look at all of the other Black Series’s, they don’t have any huge wings or anything like that. They just had some fender flares, a small wing, and maybe a lip.

shas s says:

Built 1500 cc cars models like this which cost 10 lacks 15 lackhs ..i like only model not benz

Milad Alizadeh says:

خیلی عالی بود 😘😍😍

Mahdi Mohamadi says:

That thing is hot 🔥🔥

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