2020 Porsche 911 Turbo S – Wild Car!

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Thanks: Platin Oto

Power: 650 hp
0-100 km/h: 2,7 second
Topspeed: 330 km/h

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zouhir boutiba says:

خويا هذي كون تخرج بيها قدام الناس يفلقوها باالعين

Ricky sunbrero the suntan kid says:

A cars a car but if i was lucky enough to be able to pick and choose this would be my dream CAR

IRaoulDuke says:

Thinking about selling my house for one of these, but not sure enough room for me and my dog and tv to live in?

Alex Kloaine says:

My fav the texture are omg

Alejandro Perdomo says:

Que belleza por dios insuperable es perfecto

佐山聡 says:

what is this BGM?

Vlad Lungan says:

Nice car but the engine sound is pathetic

M 01 says:

best 992 turbo s video so far…

sam nima says:

a defently dream car to own

Senem Berdiyewa says:


Simon Carlsen Kolstad says:

Dreamcar 😍 if i win in a lottery i will get one 😎

b. j. says:

Buty 😍❤️

Wede Clashofclan says:

Izin Save cartv🙏


A black beast .

Danilo Curro says:

Questa è una vettura a 100000 stelle Difronte al Marco pesante marendo ..PS: qui ti devi chiamare Agip.stupenda .Io sto per fare l'ultimo sfizio della mia vita,) il Cayen sì ma usato 25.000 e. Garanzia due anni ora non mi intendo sono diversi tipi ma è Bello comunque Carrera S 2002 .

Prison Mike says:

A little bit of an older person's look on the interior but the car is stunning. Mine will have a different trim on the inside.

Tomm Gaming says:

best car in the world

Zebpro says:

Color scheme is awful, full black exterior, which is just so dull, and this terrible brown interior….. WOW, just WOW, it must be a factory car which they know is never gonna be sold, but hey, let's get it on display to show how horrendous we are in terms of look…


non ci siamo proprio

Mg 1978 says:


Milan Potopa says:


T Tooala says:

My dream car , the formation is 100%

lazzaro spallanzani says:

esoty mirando el video de un auto que nunca podre tener maldito tercer mundo

Heitor Carvalho says:

531 unlike, Wfc !! this car is amazing!!

W D says:

Help s guy out, even swap my 2006 Cayman S?

Vinit Karande says:

German monster ❤️🔥

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