2020 SSC Tuatara

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The SSC Tuatara personifies over a decade of a methodical, passionate, and innovative undertaking to create a car that exceeds measure on all fronts. It is a truly bespoke American hypercar that involves the collaboration and efforts of hundreds of dedicated individuals on a global scale.


Fernando Ferreira says:

Estoy esperando que fabriquen un carro que llegue a los 1000 km/h y tenga 10.000 caballos de fuerza neng..

Vitali Bazilevschi says:

This is true 300++ mph baby Demon!

Melou Stephane says:

J'adore la toitara

Bladimir Cutipa says:

this car is crazy. with ease beat the super car bugati this at the height of the konigsseg

旖旍綌氇 says:

牍犽ゴ雼る姅瓯 氍茧Μ鞝侅溂搿 牍犽ゴ瓴 雼Υ 靾 鞛堧弰搿 靹り硠 霅橃柎鞎 頃╇媹雼.
2020雲勳潃 攴鸽儱 牍犽ゴ瓴 雼牑氩勲牑靹 靷碃臧 毵庫晿鞀惦媹雼. 2021雲勳潃 靸濎偘霠レ潉 雴掛棳靹 靷碃臧 鞐嗢棃鞙茧┐ 膦嬯矤鞀惦媹雼.

Mr Largo says:

This car will prob beat the Agera RS speed record, but that was a random car out of manf line. And Christian never sought the record, it was asked by the buyer of the car.

Grasshopperranch says:

Great looking car. Can't wait to see more of it

George PPS says:

As an American, I believe in SSC! This hypercar looks like a fighter jet on the ground! Extremely cool name, extremely cool design, and extremely cool CEO!

Arsalek says:

I really, really love the design.

?? says:

Everyone it just a lie ! the tuatara can only go 294 so it was a lie ssc will never beat Bugatti.

The Nerdy says:

who is here after Tuatara hit 331 mph?
Edit: it's most probably fake. Check Shmee.

Nilo Goncalves says:

parabens from brazil/gaucho

nadeep romeo says:

It's look like Koenigsegg

golden i says:

just bot a dozen of dose on ebay

Sourav Vijay says:

Looks like everything paid off 馃帺馃暥

Clive Taylor says:

What a stunning car and looks the business! Love the name being a Kiwi and can certainly see a design resemblance in the little lizard.

F/A 18 Super Hornet Pilot Cessna 152 pilot. says:

Back in the day when Russian spies used to copy American fighter jets Now The Americans are copying Swedish super cars 馃槈 this one looks similar to a koinegseg

Brandon says:

Congrats on 331, it couldn鈥檛 look smoother and Ustressing on the car.

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