2021 911 Turbo S vs 1000 HP GT500 // STREET RACE COMPARISON!

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A Mustang GT500 complemented with Hennessey’s Venom 1000 performance upgrade is no joke. But how does this masterpiece of supercharged American muscle compare to the ridiculously quick 2021 Porsche 911 992 Turbo S? We headed to the Pennzoil Proving Ground to learn the results.

Learn more about the Venom 1000 upgrade for GT500: http://hennesseyperformance.com/vehicles/ford/mustang/2020-shelby-gt500-ford-mustang/venom-1000/


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Luis Ocampo says:

I’m a Porsche guy but when you spend 260K on a car it better run hard regardless if GT 500 is modified.. From the dig very few cars stand a chance.. I’d gladly garage either one.

GSM says:

Porsche all day long.

Jeff says:

I think the fact that you bring a highly
Modified car, with a massive power and power to weight advantage over the Porsche, and then still only do a race that specifically allows your modified car to win. Then BRAG about it…Speaks volumes.

A Christian says:

American Muscle…yeah a 1000 HP MODIFIED American Muscle. LOL Up against a 560 HP car, Sounds fair doesn't it.

Cemil Ayaz says:

Anfangen 0- schauen spiegel wo ist Mustang :)))))))

Robert Mangum says:

Ridiculous comparison, honestly. Stock Porsche against a modified mustang…what's up with that. Modify both, see what happens…


I still choose the Porche anyday…It looks better and performs better on track.


The fact that the 650HP stock Porsche kept up that well says a lot…..


You didn't race from a Dig…..

Frank Tank says:

Stupid race… 350 HP more by a rolling race. senseless 🙂 Standing race and the GT500 will collapse.

fabian alejandro olivi says:

The ridiculous would be that a 1000 HP car would not beat a 650 HP one if the competition were with stopped starting the Porsche would have a better performance until I dare to say that it would beat the Mustang and if the Porsche had 200 hp plus the Mustang I would have no chance of winning for sure !!!

Igor MS says:


1988M3 Big turbo says:

Stock for stock that gt500 would get completely walked. Like very bad

1988M3 Big turbo says:

650hp vs 1000hp lmao. And right on his ass the whole time, I don’t want to hear any excuse. German engineering is a different ballgame

T M says:

Everyone mad at the Ford saying porsche this and prosche that. Bro the prosche depending spec is like a 300k car. We know it's better lmao. Just not than this Ford at driving speeds which is all most car about. Ian never raced at a red light but always at on the highway or driving. Relax we know the 911 better

Camden Gonzales says:

Am I the only one who thought the 911 did pretty well considering the power difference? lol

Jeffrey Wright says:

I will take the 911 over the mustang . it is just a better all around car.

Tony says:

Straight road you win but the Porsche will beat you on curve road

duffy don says:

Why wouldnt you guys do a drag race?

fait says:

“we dont condone street racing”

jeepld says:

That “american muscle” driver is so proud winning a framed race in a straight line against the Porsche that have 350 less hp. Dont be so proud dude, your 1000hp mustang still lose on a track and would still get spanked on a standard drag race 🤣

Ethan Hayter says:

Bro if both cars had 1000hp the phorshe would completely fill out a year's worth of gapplebees. That's hardly what I would call impressive for the mustang.

Aaron Samadi says:

Imagine if you guys modify the porche

johnny_killinit New says:

At what point do these cars go back to the future at that speed

Anthony Huntley says:

Gt500 sounds like a nascar.

Michael Kandra says:

Let’s not be foolish here. The Porsche is over a $200k car. Mustang is $100k. Spend $100k more on making the Mustang faster and that’s a fair fight then.

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