2021 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera – Wild Coupe!

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Thanks: G A L L E R I A
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/galleriatr/
Website: https://galleriatr.com/

5.2 litre bi-turbo, V12
Power bhp: 715
Top Speed mph: 211
0-62 MPH s: 3.4

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Mikael Gaspar says:

Sounds pretty good amazing for a stock turbocharged car.

Diego Panza says:

Superleggera is the last thing that it is

Buch Sobaka says:

Viper 1992 ???

Anderson C says:

My new "dream car". So many guys grow up with Ferrari posters on their walls. Maybe Lamborghini Countach or Aventador SVJ. But for the city??? A HUGE waste of a lot of money IMHO. A GT car is best suited for "point and squirt stop/go driving". So what if you have a car that can do 1.5g on "ideal road conditions". Or was designed for the mountain roads of Europe. If you live in North America…chances are our cars will only be driven in the city and the burbs at near speed limits and in gridlock. Crawling at 15 MPH…better be in a comfortable GT car.

Add…most Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini drivers don't have the driving skill/reflexes to push a superecar. Add you can't park them anywhere. Without risking tourists or locals leaning all over the $400k car putting hairline scratches in the paint. Or shopping carts slamming into the side. Though, I suppose you could say the same about this car. Though Si think it is the kind of GT car that can blend in…better. Like a Porsche 911.

세상모든차&아름다움All cars says:

I love'it ❤

Cary Coller says:

Beautiful🥰/Lovely😍/Sexy🤩 all in a single package😘.

mark pass says:

That is stunning… a car with curves, lines, immense presence all done without wings and vents and scoops just (a rather large grill and) design. A gorgeous colour.

rolly doucet says:

Stunning, beautiful car from every angle, however, the instrument panel falls a little short, especially the tachometer/speedometer.

ss*Saeed*ss AHZ.14 says:

Best and beatifull aston ever build

অভ্রনীল দে says:

Beautiful sportscars

Yo'ur York says:

Every time we learn something it else where with non truths involved. Yrs it's a new start & path to get in & everyone out

Yo'ur York says:

These were not my intentions. #
#. #. #. I need them wrote off & redefined. To only ownership of the 1self me

Giuliano Mancini says:

Si ma lavatela questa macchina

Aurelio Brighton says:

Yes … engine : tone : lines .. superior . inside (certainly on screen) it looks almost sterile and randomly 'stiched' … yet, I got this old scottish plaid .. this might well work . I take it 😯🍸

うっかり八兵衛 says:


Salman Kh says:

Faster Than Apollo IE

victor arcuri says:

Not enough chrome

Gary Williams says:

Picture Me ROLLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

trabzonlu ts says:

Süper 👍👍👍 bayıldım

Michael Heffernan says:

That is a butt ugly paint job


Love this spec

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