2021 Bentley Continental GT: Luxury On Another Level – Visual Review!

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Bentley Continent GT is ultimate luxury supercar. In this video i will will see about the Features, Engine Performance, Interior, Exterior, Walkaround and Specail Features of the Car. Donnot forget to drop a like and SUBSCRIBE!

Continental GT is powered by a 5998 cc engine which is available with a Automatic transmission. The 5998 cc engine puts out 626bhp@5000-6000rpm of power and 900Nm@1350-4500rpm of torque as well!

Continental GT Price: Starts at $202,500 (₹3.7 to 5cr)

Virtual Trip by Niwel https://soundcloud.com/niwel-516897768
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0
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Motorhunt says:

Continental GT or Rolls Royce Wraith? 👇

NameAtakorn Phonekhomkla says:


NameAtakorn Phonekhomkla says:


Quang Vu says:

This is an upscale version of the Genesis according to Hyundai fans.

rosly rahmat says:

I will keep dreamin

dog Mongrel says:


Dealer Depot Sales says:

The check engine light is on

Alicia Johnson says:

My Husband too!!!!

Weezy Mawanda says:

Bentley has way more attention to detail than rolls Royce

Mac X Ogilvie says:

Come to the billionaire lost city. Play Christopher Columbus Billionaire and McDonald’s Monopoly

Magic Johnson says:


unlimited says:

It looks and feels tranquile


Guys my dad gonna buy this car in 3 or 4 months im soo excited but im not flexing to some people just telling

W Duane says:

Really, you spent 25 seconds under the hood? Psh. Princess video.

Allexandre Milionário Vasconcellos says:

Quanto custa um carro deste?

Rose Mercy says:

I like this car

O Gatez says:

If i had money i will buy this one 😷

South Florida Luxury says:

Somehow …someway….very soon….I need this car.

Александр Ермолаев says:

Чиновничьи глисты из эрэфии прикупили наверное.

Kavitha says:

Nice review

Perfect J. says:


Shobhit Sharma says:

i think the backseat of a coupe car is useless

Ahmed cs says:

Car is Super 👌 nice 👎 bad brown

Ronald Pacheo says:

The back seat is useless, no leg room and hard to get in! Beautiful though!

Aashique Ilahi says:

Hii I am Ashique I Love you BENTLEY CAR INSHA Allah

inhissteps27 says:

I will have this car by the year 2025

Chris Kaperonis says:

Άπιαστα όνειρα….

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