2021 Bentley Flying Spur – WALKAROUND – #1 SEDAN 🔥

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2021 Bentley Flying Spur – WALKAROUND – Interior, Exterior, Sound & Drive – The World’s Most Luxury Sedan. Most Luxurious Sedan? Let us know your thought below.

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2021 Bentley Flying Spur WALKAROUND – The KING 🤴 IS HERE – Share your thought below – SHOP – https://www.amazon.com/shop/automoho

faris ak says:

my future inshallah ❤❤❤ cant afford now💔

Jeff M says:

What truly ghastly horrendous awful music. Nimrods. As for the car, I can already see numerous design details where the designers have just been sheep and followed what everyone else is doing, instead of being leaders – which is the thing that made Bentley great.

Marc Aaron says:

Prefer Bentley over RR … Stunning vehicle … Slainte' ! Cheers !


One day I will my dream car Bentley continental flying spur

m gray says:

Thank goodness they got rid of that tacky headliner

Руслан Петров says:

Привет я Руслан посмотри мой канал я разговариваю бентли!!!!! https://youtu.be/mGM1o0wAXOQ

안사균 says:


Руслан Петров says:

Привет я Руслан посмотри пожалуйста мой канал я праважу розыгрыш машин из пластилина удачи тебе😇🤪🙃

Gary Hunt says:

I don't know why, but
not even a fourth grader would fall for this design…

Zafer Kahraman says:

disgusting song…

Claus Wolfgang Meyer says:

TOPP 👌☝️

Rishav Patra says:

I will buy it whatever it takes

Anas TariqTariq says:

Some extremely hot babe is this. Very refined beauty.

Dung Dinh says:

💗💗. ❤❤❤

Mr Marvis says:

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Sonu Thakur says:

So sexy interior

박박이요 says:

차를 모시고 살겠다.
이런 젠장!

Deepak Rajan says:

Bentley is not just a car it's an magnificent art of craftsmanship.

Brunt Brunette says:

How much does it cost ?

Gurudeep K Reddy says:

Not good song for this video

Денис Ковалёв says:

Чёрный Бэнтли очень красивый

savage goon says:

That's an awesome vehicle

pafpaf paflol says:

T'aurais pu écrire ses performances.

李振東 says:


sara habib says:

Very beautiful luved it really at peace after looking at it😍😘😗😚😙😚

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