2021 Ferrari SF90 – Jay Leno's Garage

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At nearly 1,000 horsepower and with a hybrid powertrain for less than a million dollars, Ferrari has pushed the envelope!
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.

About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”

2021 Ferrari SF90 – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


GuitarD30 says:

‘It’s all digital’

Ok I’m out

Douglas Linnell says:

Hey Andover ❣️
How Are You?
It’s Been A Bit😝
I 🙏Well 😇♥️
So Glad You Popped Up🤩
I’ve Been A Little Busy
🛫Lessons 😁
I Needed A New Journey After My Navy Vet Passed💞
Started Watching The 💙😇
And Fell In ♥️
Now I Want A Diamond 62
Twin Engines Of Course
In Blue It Looks Like The Hornet 😁
Graduated From 🚙 To 🛫😁
Hi David❣️
Absolutely Beautiful ❣️
Thank You Both For The Smile💞
Take Care❣️
Talk Soon❣️
Happy Safe Cruising 💞

K onliner says:


Rusty P says:

Don't like the silver trim..

Tyus P says:

What I want to know is what super car shows jay leno is going to I’m intrigued 🤔

Adventures of says:

That car needs an 18 mile stretch of Interstate 40 blocked off to really show it off.

Adventures of says:

Less talk more Vroom !

Chris Randall says:

The blessings of God's all seeing eye electricity ..

JS RacerX says:

“…and then the car will die. And that’s a problem.”

Moses Buddha Jesus says:

Thank god they finally made a cheap Ferrari!

Olympian d says:

Why doesn't David go with Jay for the drive?

enter a name here says:

This is the type of car that makes meiss top gear immensely. Jeremy would be drifting this all over the track, jay almost hits a guardrail.

Wile E Coyote says:

Exceptions for everything but 'they' are raising kids to be afraid of everything. Virus, Offending a minority, afraid to be white if that's the case, afraid of strangers. Not good. You're right, we thought we were invincible growing up in the 50's 60's and 70's.

I wonder if Mr Lee was wearing socks. Couldn't tell. 🙂

Andrew Higdon says:

FF, GT4C Jay? 4-wheel drive. V12 well over 600HP! Jay?

jpdemer5 says:

Can you change the spark plugs without dropping the engine?

Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper says:

Sadly from 2030 on all combustion cars including classics will be banned from public streets in EU 🙁 In Germany the Green party gave order to shorten fuel supply from 2025 on by reducing petrol stations to only one state operated peoples gas station per city. From 2027 on in the EU certain car parts will be banned as exhaust systems, turbo chargers and even some engine and gearbox oils…California will do the same from 2027 on…. So no investment should be done any more in oil or gas consuming cars.

Rino Modicamore says:

love Jay's ability & style to review any car under the sun!

R H says:


jasonics md says:

jay why u have so many cars,give them away for people to use, its just metal taken from earth,one day it will take back what belongs to her,so let go of these metal,before mother earth goes way silly.What made us human think we can take what we want from earth,there is a price and it seems we have already started paying back and it wll get worse.

jasonics md says:

the govt needs to ban expensive cars and limit the bhp ,do cars that will do good ,not waste money on hitech stuff .cars must be price not more than 50k.DONE.stop all these nonsense abt cars having 6-7 digits. Its just waste of everything.take that money help the poor,those things r more important instead of making silly stupid cars.make this world better look at this man he keeps car just because he loves them,sound stupid ,give them cars away let people use them its just metal.

Tanner Funai says:

How did David Lee make his fortune?

Jason Delong says:

Which would you choose? This, Porsche 911 3, or…..?

David Neskoski says:

You should have the Rimac Nevera on the show. Would love to get your reaction of that car!

Jon The Light Bearer says:

Haha looks like a 1994 Camaro from the front

boomer no name says:

I thank thar one of the ugliest cars they ever made

Justin Fuqua says:

I like the red seat belts.

Nic Lopez says:

Not only is David awesome for letting Jay drive pretty much any car in his collection, but it's nice that he also engages with Jay and asks for Jay's opinion and it's really insightful and something that we don't always get with representatives from big companies.

Bill Travis says:

It's fun to see Jay driving rarified cars on the broken pavement and past blue collar businesses around his shop.
Mine would have bugs all over the front and a couple of stone chips behind the wheel wells from using it for everything except commuting and truck stuff. After two chips, I'd probably install some mud flaps (myself – in my garage) to protect the paint. The afficionados would scoff at how many miles were on it. Might get washed once a week before "date night" at best. On Saturday morning, I'd get out the bucket and hose…then, once clean, immediately take it for a spin to the bakery or beach to dry it off. Oh yeah, burgers, fries and ice cream would be consumed inside that car regularly! That's why they make hand towels (for across one's lap), wipeable leather upholstery and fast food bags for the garbage! (However, there was that time when I was going to open a Sam's Club rotisserie chicken clamshell package on my lap inside of a new, Z-51 'Vette Hardtop, but decided to enjoy the chicken sitting on the curb instead. Murphy's Law avoided.) Someone once commented, "You're not really a 'Corvette guy' are you?" because I used it like a normal car and regardless of the weather. Who cares about rain or salt in a fiberglass car?
Only thing I'd be careful about with this Ferrari is parking it if I wanted to do a walkabout during the day.
Buy new and enjoy (responsibly and respectfully) until it's junk. Forget about resale, odometer, etc, and have fun in it like we did in our Dusters and Impalas back in the 70s.

Rebecca Wells says:

Jay, you often mention the Countach is 4000lbs, yet the heaviest Countach was barely 3300. The original LP400 wasn't even 2900lbs. Just sayin'. You are my favourite car guy, period.

John A says:

It looks like Speed Racer's Mach 5

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