2021 Ford Lightning – Broken Mustang Mach- E – Saleen S7 & S1- Harley Davidson Trucks.

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NADA 2020 Show. We saw the new Ford Mustang Mach E, Shelby Raptors, Ford Lightning, Saleen Trucks, Shelby Trucks, as well as the Saleen S7 & S1. The Mustang Mach E was being worked on, and never showed up to the last day of the 3 day show. It is unclear if this is because of an issue with the vehicle.


WRNG_Derek says:

New lightning dropped

Tommy F says:

Real car people don't care about the mach-e

Tommy F says:

Why aren't the doors open on the S7?! Blasphemy!

Jim Brunson says:

Ford lightning is back can one be purchased if so where and are they as fast as the supercharged shelby

jassper TP says:

ยิ่งคันสีแดงยิ่งโดนใจ ถึงจะตอนเดียวก็เหอะ ถ้าเข้าไทยได้แบบนี้ กูซื้อมาใช้แน่นอน ชอบมากๆ

Viktor Gonzalez says:

Why bring the lighting back when there’s a Shelby truck unless you bring it with a total different body

Von McMullen says:

Great video, Beautiful Vehicles!

Carl Spackler says:

That "Mustang" Mach E was almost as ugly as a "Mustang" II


I'd take the saleen emblems of and but the 99-04 SVT & Lightning emblems and the SVTF150 logo and it would be perfect well and a step side…

Torpedomtb says:

neither truck were a Lightning they were Shelby and Saleen tuner trucks

I Only Like Ford I HATE ALL OF THE REST!!!!!!!!!! says:

How about a Saleen based on 2021 F-150

Reggie Murphy says:

I want one SO BAD.

Jin Cho says:

I couldn’t wait any longer for lightning SVT to come out so I got me a f150 Saleen #19 700hp


Not a lightning saleen f150

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