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2021 Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD review. This, or the Ferrari F8 Tributo?

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The 610ps Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD is the 2-wheel drive version of the Huracan, which also happens to be £30,000 cheaper than the 4WD 640-4 Evo model, making it the cheapest Lamborghini on sale today. What I wanted to know was could it be even better to drive than the Ferrari F8 Tributo, as well as being a bit of a bargain?
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Mike Burke says:

Unreliability not worth buying one

Allenwrench says:

part jet fighter – people kill and get killed in jet fighters – sign me up

Nick W says:

The car in the wing mirror got very small very quickly on the uphill section. 🤣

thefridgeman says:

7:37 I would drive this car backwards, all the time, despite thinking I just pulled the handbrake leaver.

Ray S says:

Now imagine if this had a 6 speed gated manual

cliffthelightning says:

Gosh that colour is incredible.

LWRC says:

Good price point – I'll take two!!!

Tom Jacob says:

I might hopefully buy 1 if my ruby hopefully I have a ruby it's in a old rock with a small opening so I bet it is😂😂😂 my mom has it tho

Rik Heijne says:

Metcalfe's Popcorn? Cool!

Timmie Cunningham says:

Is that exhaust sound factory or aftermarket?

Aleksandr Burmin says:

Желаю, чтобы эта дорога оправдала все твои ожидания. Чтобы она была удачной, благополучной и доброй. Счастливого пути!

Max S says:

4wd for 33kilos extra? i would take that all day

Eric Bown says:

lol the manual adjustable steering column{sounded so cheap)on a 200k car, bloody ridiculous.

Tako Guinness says:

Lamborghini is a proper beef cattle farmer`s car.

porch mike says:

ooh, rwd! is it a stick too?? no? (does jimmy dore's double-jerk-off gesture)…

ABOlsen80X says:

That is one hideous configuration.

icepole says:

Thats the best version of cyan I've ever seen.
A Robin Reliant in this shade, same.

Mr. Stark says:

I will have this car within 5 years, somehow. Harry you are an inspiration

Joshua Lewis says:

You're way off on the McLaren 720S width. Actual width of that car is 1930 mm. Just 6 mm were than the Huracan.

elsombrero1000 says:

what a killer color

David Noble says:

Waste of money, just like all cars.

AP W says:

Harry I really think you are on the ball not been rude but for an old geezer love watching you keep the good videos up thanks

Simon Carter says:

Hi Harry , yes love your video on the Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD . That car reminds me of the Lamborghini Diablo , but up-to-date . All the best . Simon . L.C.U.K.

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