2021 lamborghini sian roadster

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Entrepreneur Extraordinaire says:

its not worth the price. Same old over blown design too much going on everywhere on the car. Im planning on ordering the Roma. It looks stylish and sophisticated. I think this is Lambo gone wild. #distasteful

Joey Vaillancourt says:

Is very very good music

Lola Liza says:

Wow…2021 ..amazing..👍👍👍👍👍😍🤩

Cartagena mi música salsa Bella says:

Parece una prestobarba triple hoja

Thomas Malafarina says:

The back looks like an old lambo

Tatiana Voegtlin says:

La sian est comme la veneno mais en un peut moins corsé.

Thabetian N says:

Another aventador with different bodykits

M M says:

Com'on, where is the 1080P? Dude we are in 2020.

Winter Tarzan Jagrup says:

Looks like trash . Good insides but lame exterior

Seham Rahman says:

This car can go faster than a veneno which means it will be the fastest v12 lambo

Jagster 011 says:

I'm not a fan of the front of the car but damn the rear end is sexy asf

R62 7 train to flushing via local says:

In my opinion the sian roadster is like a Mix between the lamborghini centenario and a lamborghini veneno

RpM_ Shrek says:

They have this in asphalt 8 and 9

Feroov says:

Reminds me of ssc tuatara whatever that car was named

stick studios says:

So futuristic

Śmieszne wpadki says:

From Italy to China look

Christian McVay says:

Gallardo in the front, Countach in the back

Jussi Raitoniemi says:

Headlights are way too big, and the nose drops too fast, but all else is gorgeous

Teja teja says:

Excellent cars

smu says:

This looks like over-designed and not refined…

The Noob you fucking hate says:

I can take it though a McDonald's drive-thru?

KittenKommentries says:

I can see this as the cover car for Forza Horizon 5

Софья Романова says:

tail lights is a pure wannabe c8

Devanand Shaji says:

Sian may replace aventador like aventador did to mercielago.

HACKD 69 says:

Forza Horizon 5 needs this car.

Alexander Alvarez says:

It's a concept, no, It's a real fucking car

Jagger Shirley says:

Absolutely amazing car

the wiioxs says:

De los mejores lamborghinis de la historia❤

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