2021 Mercedes-AMG E63 S – 175mph First Drive in the SUPER-SALOON!

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The new 2021 Mercedes-AMG E63 S is certainly a contender for the ultimate daily driver! The already great super-saloon now gains a host of updates including a new look front-end, MBUX and technology inside, and re-worked driving dynamics. Let’s have a tour through the changes before a flat-out test drive on the Autobahn!

The previous generation of the AMG E63 S launched a few years ago and instantly impressed thanks to its 4matic+ system with DRIFT MODE, the 4.0l Biturbo V8 with 612hp and 850Nm, and a great overall package. However it was the last model to launch before the ‘Panamericana’ front grille was introduced and as such has always been behind the rest of the AMG family, but now the 2021 model has arrived and it’s undergone some significant changes.

Not only has the face of the car been heavily revised with the new grille, but also features a new design to the lower apron and a new set of headlights. Unlike the T-Modell (Estate) that I previewed recently in Affalterbach, the Sedan (Saloon) also wears a new taillight design along with the new diffuser and exhaust tailpipes. While the engine itself hasn’t seen any significant updates, the suspension and dampers have been heavily reworked to increase the breadth of ability to respond to feedback that previous the car was not soft enough in its most Comfort settings. The changes carry on to the interior with the new AMG Performance steering wheel, along with the full MBUX system including some very clever tech features.

During a visit to the Lausitzring in Germany, where we’re also joined by the new AMG GT Black Series (and there’s more to come with that soon!) let’s take a walkaround of the car before taking it for a drive both on country roads to get a feel for the different settings, a RACE START to demonstrate launch control and an obligatory run on the de-restricted Autobahn up to 280km/h (174mph) where the calmness for such speed is really emphasised.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Shmee150 says:

The original E63 S was a serious super-saloon, and now it's been updated! If you were looking for the ultimate, fast but comfortable daily-driver, what would you choose?

xx freedom xx says:

I love the new rear design

Cypress says:

Got the 2018 one and see no reason to upgrade, the older one looks better in my opinion

natnael kassahun says:

idiots the looks are better in real life trust me i saw one and it is nuts trust me better than the old

Stan lee says:

Is the apple CarPlay wired or wireless in the new Eclass?


Mercedes Benz " The Phuqing Best or Nothing " 🏆🥇🏆

k odu says:

There are too many trailers on the German autobahn. And many are from neighbouring countries like Poland, Hungary etc., Scars me all the time.

Sharn C says:

Awesome video and very informative. Does this have a Dashcam option that's offered from Mercedes when you build the car? I saw this spec in the US just wondering if available in Canada if anyone knows? Thank you.

Aaron Childers says:

If merc can do 175 mph they must make a 201 mph sedan in 3 years!!!

Kerun Bindra says:

I just saw this steering wheel in person and it's the greatest thing I've experienced in my life

Aurora Jones says:

I tested the 2020 M5 and E63 back to back early this year cause i was ready to buy, I found the M5 was just as capable but had a fantastic ride for every day use. I settled on the M5 put in my order then covid came and i got in a moto accident. So i put all that on hold. Glad i did, cause now i get to do this all over again. Id like to see if the E is for me. This new design really got me and the fact they made the comfort mode even more so…but maybe not enough. I dont get this. Its a damn saloon, not a true sports car why does it need to be so harsh? My Ducati V4S has a greater range of comfort! Anyways ill do that Q1 of 21 hopefully 21 is a great year for us all.

devilxelloss says:

16:58 Look, Mercedes spent all the money on the new tail lights so they have to cut the IWC clock to save money.

streetbaby. Twanvoe says:

U talk so funny😂, not in mean way

Atkins Cars says:

The interior looks great, but I think the general body structure looks a little softer than in previous generations which looked meaner/more aggressive.

Jiajian Hou says:

I need to move to Germany. Every time I hit 200+ kph in the US i worry about cops. damn it's annoying.

1881Gordon says:

Hardly drew a breath throughout the whole video… IMHO Shmee is one of the best in the business!

Wezzerm says:

I much prefer the cla45s

FRANK says:

I like everything else apart from body design is not well pimped up like brabus do, it's too bare outside design, no wow factor interms of the body design, too standard, merc work on exterior body design, it does not look new n it's not appealing, old version one, it's more appealing than this body looks. The interior colour, do they have option interior colour?

Big Jumbo says:

Its the saliva man

NJ says:

I like the car overall and I would like to see in person well I guess here in the Philippines will be available for a long time.

Jawad Malik says:

Previous gen AMG also had similar issue with seats those sports were to harsh and the normal one was not very nice i think M5 nailed it when it comes to seat

A G says:

still F90 M5 LCI will be loved one number one no doubt!!

likeris subruknem says:

design downhill

C Macd says:

Mercedes have a problem with steering wheel design, the last e63 was horrible in a too-metallic and bulky way, this one is even worse, with piano black multi spokes-with-buttons and touchpads. Sometimes aping F1 driver tech is not the way to go….

tomhuu2 says:

@shmee150, do you like this or the 2021 m5 more? aesthetics aside. Purely from power, drivetrain, transmission and ride..etc perspective?

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