2021 Tesla Model S Refresh Reaction!

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Honest thoughts on a LOT of new stuff, and why I won’t be ordering a Plaid Model S 👀

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Evil Twin says:

A bent fork is different 🍴
But is it….useful?

Change for the sake of individuality is just shock value not value

Nick C says:

I. HATE. THE. NEW. STEERING. WHEEL. I also hate the lack of a gear selector, it sounds like a stupid idea. The car is simply NOT going to be able to 'guess' what I want to do 100% of the time!

Evil Twin says:

He's a mellow version of Aldis Hodge (Leverage).
Very logical and trustworthy for his reviews.

That said, I'd rather buy a used campervan a 1990's motorcycle and dinner 🍝🍽️ for a month before buying a Tesla.

Seriously….I'd buy a 🍀 Nissan Leaf.
*If you own 2, are they Leaves?

The Shocker says:

I like the exterior and screen in landscape! but that steering wheel? 🤦🏽‍♂️
I’m a noon position 80% of the time, hard pass for me on this gen if they keep that.

Kanesha Alwis says:

Still waiting for the what's on my phone s21 ultra version

Game Program says:

The reason things that have happened the past 4 months have made me very wary of anything that looks uber futuristic like this. When I see stuff like this I just see the great reset, a dystopia, no freedom. I mean minimalist isn't the word for that.. Umbrella corporationish is more of what it looks like.. Minority Report, Demolition Man, etc. Everything is like overly white and has a homogenized, sanitized look. In the past 4 months I've gotten rid of all my smart lights, decided I'm not interested in Tesla anymore, and am going more retro in everything.

One of the things bugging me about Tesla is their attack on Right to Repair. Basically having part in the Massechussets ad against right to repair saying that by hiring independent mechanics to work on your car you are enabling people to come to your house and rape you. (I'M NOT KIDDING, THAT'S WHAT THE AD SAYS.)

just yeah no thanks. I want to take my car where I want or in my case in most cases fix it myself. Don't wanna let me do that? You're not getting my money.

Oh the other thing I don't like is how they're pulling the software scam. Where basically trim models are separated by stuff like isPlaidPlus in the software, where whether A BOOLEAN is true or false determines your upgrades, not actual hardware that costs actual money.

That's like the biggest scam I've ever seen since Democrats.

Chiron de Bree says:

Honda Legend had the ANC already in 2005-ish.

Adam Wemyss says:

Fucking ridiculous as expected

Andre T says:

Ive never heard it put as a K-Turn, always a 3 point turn. K makes sense lol. Im canadian not sure if thats why. I had to think a k turn?? And then visually makes sense in your mind lol

Wenyuan Wu says:

Can you talk about your thoughts on Crypto?

ayaanC6 says:

Imagine a Tesla being the fastest car in the world… And having 4 doors

Ben Kious says:

these touch screens inside cars suck. you cant feel for your buttons anymore. you need to look away from the road for a moment to find a specific location on that giant fancy touch sensitive screen that is probably full of finger print scum that you can see when the sun shine reflects off the face.. dumb.

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