[2021] Top 10 Fastest SuperCars & Hyper Cars in the world | Bugatti Bolide, Jesko Absolut

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Top 10 Fastest Super Cars & Hyper Cars in the world 2021 | Bugatti Bolide, Jesko Absolut | The top ones
There are more than 10 production cars (supercars) in existence that can reach a speed beyond 250mph. That’s an incredible thing to consider in itself.
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List of: Fastest car in the world in 2021
Bugatti Chiron Sport
Top speed: 261 mph (420 km/h).

01:12 – Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
In 2010, The Veyron Super Sport already set up a speed record for streetcars. Adhering to the Guinness World Record restrictions an unprecedented 267.86 mph (431 km/h) was reached and the Veyron was knighted as the fastest super sports car of its time.

02:28 – Czinger 21C
Top speed: 268 mph (431 km/h).

03:24 – Hennessey Venom GT
On February 14, 2014, the Hennessey Venom GT set a new world speed record for 2-seat sports cars by reaching a top speed of 270.49 mph (435.31 km/h). The run was performed at the Kennedy Space Center on the 3.2-mile Space Shuttle landing runway.

04:19 – Koenigsegg Agera RS
On 4 November 2017, Koenigsegg made the production car speed record with an Agera RS recording an average speed of 278 mph (447 km/h). The car achieved a speed of 285 mph (458 km/h) during its northbound run and 271 mph (436 km/h) during its southbound.

05:20 – Hennessey Venom F5
Top speed: 301 mph (484 km/h).

07:05 – Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ Prototype
On 2 August 2019, Bugatti test driver Andy Wallace achieved a speed of 304.77 mph (490.48 km/h) in a pre-production Chiron Super Sport 300+ prototype at Volkswagen’s test facility in Ehra-Lessien.

08:27 – Bugatti Bolide
Top speed: 311+ mph (500+ km/h).

09:33 – Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut
Top speed: 330 mph (531 km/h).

10:50 – SSC Tuatara
On October 10, 2020, the SSC Tuatara – according to SSC claimed a production car top speed record, recording a one-way top speed of 331.15 mph (532.93 km/h) and a two-way average of 316.11 mph (508.73 km/h) on a seven-mile stretch of closed road outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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