2022 Mercedes AMG C 63e and AMG C 45, AMGs Super-Hybrids are coming!!

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The 2022 Mercedes AMG C 63 and 2022 Mercedes AMG C 45 are on the way and not everyone is going to like what’s coming. The days of the V8 and V6 appear to be over with hybridized 4 cylinders now powering the C Class AMG range. Even though the engines have been downsized these cars are still promising some impressive performance.

In this episode of MtnRoads will dig into the hybrid setups of these AMG models. We will look at the new vs old including engines and performance. Starting with the 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged M139 engine. This is the engine from the A 45 S and this should power both AMG’s. We will look at some of the tech that may be included in these future AMGs as well. Including an electrically assisted turbo that is said to kill almost all lag. This is said to be derived from the AMG One hypercar and Mercedes F1. The C 63 will also get a twin-power rear axle that will have an electric motor added to it and will send its additional power to the rear wheels. The new AMGs will have a 9-spd transmission. The Speedshift MCT 9-spd transmission should power all 4 wheels via MB’s 4matic+ all-wheel drive system. We will also dig into other techy bits that make these AMGs stand out.

We will take a peak inside where the newest generation MBUX infotainment and navigation system will be available. We’ll discuss possible pricing and availability. We go over everything we think we know about the Mercedes Benz AMG C 63e and AMG C 45.

Episode Time Stamps

00:00 Intro
00:11 Engine
01:11 Old VS. New
02:09 Transmission
02:41 Other Model Highlights
03:08 AMG Naming C63e and C45
03:42 AMG E-Performance
03:45 No More Coupes
03:54 Interior
04:28 Model Renders
04:33 Summary (Definitely take a listen!)
05:15 More Great Vehicles

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Ragib says:

Man, I’d be lying if I say I’m not depressed about this. We can all intuit where this is going… A 4400 pound AMG? I dunno 🤷

RustyGates says:

Honestly, the interior should be a con. This iPad approach to designing driver interfaces should be banned somehow, neither does it have any class to it. It doesn't cost much to fabricate a 17" whatever OLED screen and chuck it in there; it does take skill to design a beautiful analogue-digital hybrid driver interface with physical buttons and tactile feedback.

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