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During the Industry Pool at the Nürburgring I finally have filmed the 2022 Mercedes-AMG One driving on the streets around the Nordschleife. Due of the bad weather, the One didn’t drove any laps on track.

Mercedes-Benz has been really active in electrifying its vehicle lineup, with the recently-concluded Munich Motor Show serving as a launchpad for several new models, including upcoming concepts that are yet to hit production. Even its performance division AMG has revealed its latest all-electric model, the 751-horsepower AMG EQS, but one model is still missing – the much-awaited Mercedes-AMG One.

The ferocious whine of the Mercedes-AMG One’s spectacular soundtrack is no secret, even as the car continues testing under camouflage wraps. However, it makes excellent noises at low speeds, too, with all the mechanical clanks and clinks paired with the low-speed burble of the F1-derived V6 engine.
The turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 is expected to rev up to 11,000 rpm, though it’s one part of the supercar’s hybrid powertrain. The engine will pair with four electric motors, with a total combined output of over 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts). The all-wheel-drive hypercar will reach a maximum speed of 217 miles per hour (350 kilometers per hour), and it’s completely road-legal.

The AMG One here is wearing the new AMG camo wrap that we first saw on the hypercar’s official public road teaser back in May.

It was tailed while in transit, giving us a full view of the rear and a pure recording of its F1-sounding engine. If you’re one of the few 275 buyers who have been eagerly waiting for their AMG One, this should whet your appetite.

Speaking of buyers, deliveries of the AMG One are expected to start by the end of the year, so a full reveal might happen towards the final quarter of 2021. No exact date yet for the launch, though, but each unit will cost at least $2.7 million.

It’ll be four years this September since Mercedes revealed the car, which was then called the Project One. The car took the bumpy road to production, delayed by its F1-derived engine, based on the Mercedes F1 W06 hybrid race car, that needed work to be road legal. The mill put the car back at least nine months during development as engineers worked to lower the idle speed and meet stringent emissions regulations. The fragile engine will need a complete rebuilt every 50,000 kilometers (31,069 miles), too.

If you’re like us mere mortals, you have a chance to drive the AMG One, albeit, in a virtual world. It will appear as the Mercedes-AMG Project One “Forza Horizon Edition” hypercar in the newest version of the video game, which will arrive on November 9.

Text source: Motor1

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NGT says:

those stupid turn signals…. jeez…. they stick them together with the brake lights and you cant see them lighting like a children toy

emmanuel honour says:

At first I thought that was Audi

Igor Toebe says:

whater proof test completed!

Morgan says:

this clickbait

manfred palla says:

Wow, ich habe einen neuen Mercedes, zwar AMG, aber ok, jetzt darf ich sterben…. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

BENZ says:


AbdulHamid AbdulHamid says:

Perfect day for testing a sports cars

See brawl says:

This is not the Mercedes amg this is Ford amg

Lappy Dog says:

I need one of them

slawomir kaska says:

Ciekawe czy ma takie same usterki co S63 AMG.

Sven Schiller says:

The CLK GTR is actually more impressive than this, rear is nice but the front could of been slicker

H B says:

Testing at Nurburgring ? Really? Amazing how it took the curves , very flat , so much downforce !!

Yevgeniy says:

Wow… Cool 👍

Bálint says:

It is an Audi

Laurynas Mak says:

the design is definitely nice, but what about the sound? nothing at all

Игорь Рачинский says:

Дизайн задней части от ауди.

Andrew Lane says:

Yeah really clever that. Get right up the arse of an expensive supercar in wet conditions. I'd be so pissed off with you if I was driving that Merc.

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