2022 Mercedes-Benz CLS450 Redesign: More PRESENCE

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2022 Mercedes-Benz CLS450 Redesign: More PRESENCE

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John Davidson says:

Except for the headlight and the rear air vent, I guess the design looks much better than design made by Mercedes.

bjoggi atli says:

i find the new mercedes lack the sharpness the old ones had

Jim Taylor says:

The previous model was awesome but this one is rubbish

Chip Elezi says:

Hey Sketchy great work on the front but you’ve got to completely redesign the tail lights. Erase the lights on the trunk!!!

bigbufobufo says:

Yeah I like your redo. The original is too blobby and doesn’t look like the Mercedes of old.

Dylan Thomas says:

Not so sure about this redesign the original had much more elegance as well as being slightly leaned forward the redid makes it looks slumpy and slow

radudeATL says:

Sedans are dying. And that makes me sad.

Rotek says:

Looks much better than this abomination.

Hamed Fallah says:

Looks like a 2008 CL model

Ian Skinner says:

amazing how little needed to be done to take it from choky Korean car to MB sleekness again.

Parsa Nazemi says:

The second generation CLS had one the most beautiful designs ever, very strong, elegant and beautiful. Mercedes shot itself in the knee ever since deciding to base everything on the A-Class platform…

Chris Martin says:

In your design the front end looks more like a 2010 Corolla mixed with Mercedes grille, I personally like the Mercedes front end the way it is. However, your shoulder line made the proportions look better on the side view.

Edwin says:

I didn't even notice that they made a facelift of it. It looks like the pre facelift 🤣

Karolis Pranulis says:

Imo w218 and w219 cls'es look superior to the new model

Ahmed says:

can you do cla?

Carsten Möser says:

Great idea to apply the old Mercedes Design language on this car👍. It would have been great, if Mercedes actually did this.
Mercedes cars are now like a block of soap, which was in use for a while with some "AMG" stuff slammed on the car and a big screen glued into the dashboard. At the same time all the little details of the interior which made a Mercedes a Mercedes are removed, such as the lines on the car's body, to create a clean look.
But in my opinion it looks to clean, almost like a room in a hospital. The peak of this development are the S class, which has nothing inside apart from ab big screen, and the all new EQS, which doesn't look elegant at all. It almost seems like an expensive Toyota

Carsten Möser says:

Can you do a video about the W210 if it was built today?

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