21 Year Old Boy Drives His 1400HP Koenigsegg Agera R in Monaco!

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The owner, a 21 year old guy from Switzerland, took his astonishing 1400HP Candy Red Koenigsegg Agera for a drive in Monaco. The young owner als owned the orange DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP900 with Capristo exhaust, as you can see in this video. Other cars he owns for example are: Enzo, F12tdf, 488 GTB, 458 Aperta, 1 of 1 Porsche 997 GT2RS in full carbon, Porsche 918 Spyder, 1 of 3 Hamann SLR Volcano, 650HP BMW M4, Brabus G-Class and many more!!

Under the hood you will find a 5.0 L V8 twin-turbocharged engine, equipped with the turbo of the One:1, resulting in a power output of 1400HP! As you can see it also has custom made ADV.1 wheels, I think it looks amazing!

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Veena Marballi says:

My dream car is a Koenigsegg Agera r

Nomans Land says:

So how old does a boy need to be to be called a man!? Where is the line?

fabrizio cristiani says:

The ugliest hypercar with the worst engine noise

Ek Seng Ng says:

daddys money,…spoilt kid

Pastas says:

Here's my perfect scenario to be rich:
1. Be born in Monaco;
2. Profit.

Daniel Sequeira G says:


Ezio Auditore says:

I dont care about the kid im interested in the car

mazia 055 says:

Really is this agera r ???? I think thie is not agera r….. becoz the spoiler of agera r is differen…… what kind this things can make this is car is a agera r ???? Lol

And the hp is look diff surely the owner of that car is modified becoz stock agera r version normally hp 1100 ++ something like that :)))

Octo da Trupa says:

1400 HP? Agera R "only" has 1140 HP

Nevarious XXIX says:

He's 21? Let me introduce myself then

Dr.perspectiveX says:

With a matching richard mille

Ali Jawad says:

You should have said man not boy

olteanu alexandru says:

you pay milions for this car and you have to take manualy the roof of?

D Harris says:

Guess have to be 40 years to be grown work hard for everything 😂😂😂

Terrell Smith says:

So many butt hurt people. I thought the goal was to make a lot of money and pass it on to your kids. Everyone here is so worried about what another man is doing with his time and money but aren’t doing shit to build their legacy. Stop hating and go get paid. That 9-5 ain’t gonna cut it.

Eudald Guell says:

Better a 917 replica

Kurt Hanke says:

Who I this little punk?

Someone getting cars with his parents money

1909TID says:

When i am watching all of this videos there are 2 reasons why i am happy not to have this cars:

1. Most of them look like charakters i don t want to be.

2. What a stressfull driving in the city.

Roberto Duca says:


Supercar maniac says:


Juan Morales says:

Puede alguien decirme que tipo de trabajo realiza para poder comprar ese auto deportivo?

silvia arellano says:

Qué belleza

Classic63EType says:

I'd be scared of scratching the paint or doing something that might cause the car to have a major malfunction, such as running over a beer can or a very small dip in the road! Nice car to be sure, but not really good for anything other than straight line acceleration in most instances.

Lucas Johansson says:

3:04 green panamera is so damn ugly. Stock body looks much better

Panther Ural says:

Min 1. Der saunt sagt doch, ich komme aus der Hölle 👍

tas maniandevil says:

I can see a nice child support case in the making

Nick Kotarski says:

1.3 thousand jealous Haters

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