$2Million Pagani Huayra Delivered to my House

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Alexis Maciel says:

Y’all drove past me when I was on my way to work a few days ago.

Stone Lewis says:

Stop being afraid of racing we won’t unsub if you lose.

Hypex Cosmicc says:

What happens to u getting a new house?

Sbongile Maseko says:

The sound of the SVJ is mind blowing best sound ever

Liam Stimpson says:

Is it just me or when they didn’t do the drone shot the word on the corvette said f covid

Giovanni says:

James: I finally won at something in life

The Bugatti…

New New says:

Why don't you buy a new house 🏡

Moinak Mavoie says:

what a flex dude!!!!

Mullet Daddy Daddy says:

Whistlin is King

Ængland says:

Totally random, but I want to see if there are many Spyker fans out there. Such a gorgeous car inside and out. Hate how those don’t get much attention anymore!

Minion Inc Gaming says:


Justin Stein says:

Killin it as always 🙌🙌

Scott Mcbeard says:

Whistlindiesel was right about you. 🤦🏼‍♂️

ThatBoyJay_Laws says:

Only car I noticed was the beautiful ✨demon✨

PvP Pro says:

Each and every drone was harmed during the aerial video capturing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Travis B says:

Wow that’s super cool to see a Foxbody next to a Bugatti lol

fatima zahra says:

Please help me. I have lost four of my children. This is my only child. He is between life and death. He is a heart patient who cannot breathe normally. Please help me. Will there be someone to help me.p

Grayson Dunn says:

Whistling diesel is better. And purple sucks

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