3 Facts about Bugaati Veyron || #shorts

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Shubham sharma says:

You are right

Jahanzaib Ijaz says:

Phodi ka mehran par bhta ha kbhi

Mayuri Kute says:

It's chiron

Google Suhail says:

That's a chiron bitch

ZaAn Games says:

Ise koi btao ye chiron hai… Chiraand😕

7Ali8Gaming6 says:

1 km jaane k liye 12 min 🥺

MR ₱3RFÉCT says:

Fact 1) its chiron not veyron
Fact 2) its top speed is 490 kmph


Phele tum thik karo ki kiya speed hai uske bad bolna,ak admi bol raha hai 481,396

Pinky asraf Asraf says:

Car mahengi nahi ham gaareb hair

Wierdguy 2.0 says:

Fact 1 isn't a veyron

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