300 MPH for a Million Dollars? First Look at 2020 Hennessey Venom F5 | MotorTrend

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Read the full article HERE ➡️ http://bit.ly/383Xlyt
Check out the Hennessey F5, the latest super car from Hennessey Performance, which they claim can go over 300mph! But, is it worth the north of $1 Million Price tag? #MotorTrend #HennesseyVenom


Will Fischer says:

I wonder if Hennessy will let me lease one?

saiyan ninjawarriorz says:

Sad these will just go into garages never to be seen😭

George Michaels says:

What will it do around the"Ring"? Just asking.

Orphan Obliterator says:

it looks so much better in games

Captain_Context says:

NO the Hennessey Venom GT was never the fastest car in the world. That is just a claim they made. It has ZERO relation to reality. And this F5 will never be road legal anywhere. It does not have airbags, or any health & safety features whatsoever. It will never be crash tested or emissions certified. It will ONLY have numberplates in the US when running on Show & Display plates. Which means it will only ever be road legal when driving to a car show, or back home from a car show. Its also not FIA approved, so it can also not go racing.

And its built in Britain, so its about as "american" as socialised healthcare. Grats, Hennessey, you did it again.

david mann says:

300 mph in theory and 300 mph in reality are two different things

Biden’s crack pipe says:

It’s crazy to remember that they were gonna put a 7.2 Lt instead of the 6.6 Lt

Frankie Hoosier says:

BULLSHIT…..title says “for a million dollars”…….BULLSHIT!!
Price is $2.4 or whatever million.
MotorTrend you’ve really really gone downhill as far as respect for facts and no BULLSHIT!

Dylan W says:

King of monsters ❤️

Boomboom says:

Wow, it’s a Maserati MC20, a McLaren, a Ferrari, a bin parts car 😂

dmadatawiz says:

It's ugly. And what customer did he steal the parts from?

Kartez Drake says:

Give it to Randy to review at Mazda Speedway then send me a notification. Kay bye. 👋🏿

Cory says:

Let's see the car….actually drive. Until then…

JieFu D says:

The question is can it do grocery shoping??

G P says:

Like the looks…hate the sound. It's like a Bag – of – Hammers out of a soup'ed up mustang.

Mike LaBelle says:

Except none of these claims have been proven.

GuanJun 1 says:

Honestly, this is boring. It's just very powerful.

Brady Lambert says:

Nice vehicle, but no. I put my money in stocks. My Beemer is just fine.

Billionaire The Don says:

Looks outdated.

Mr. Gray says:

Hey buddy , you don’t coat the inside of a barrel in cerakote, just the outside, 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Lifted_Above says:

SSC Tuatara hit 331 mph not long ago.

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