300 MPH Hennessey Venom F5 Debut!

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A quick video of the Hennessey Venom F5 that was revealed here at SEMA 2017 today by John Hennessey. It’s aiming for a 300 mph top speed (or more)! What do you think of the looks?


Robert Chatfield says:

This vehicle is now trash, the record has been broken.
Bugatti Chiron 304.77 mph.
Get rekted.

Lifted_Above says:

Want to reach 300 mph? Stop building inefficient cars that drag like a brick, just to satisfy a car culture's aesthetic expectations.

Hal 9000 says:

Rear looks like the talking hat in harry potter.

Diugh says:

The car can be the ugliest thing ever, but if it's record breaking yall gonna hop on the bandwagon of it

Dpayne Trivedi says:

laferrari fucked p1=f5

OddPotato says:

Sweet! Where can i buy this Corvette C7 stingray Body Kit?

XxJx3xX says:

Heavy metal AND cars… where is this event?

Izzy Aesthetics says:


Juan Luis Chavarria Montaño says:

Is Hennessey the brand that make Hydrogen powered cars?


ferrariggini by henessy, come w free coke tray, M E R I C A

Jeremy Finister says:

So much hate in the comments section, and can't afford the shitty looking cars they brag about!

Haonan Zhang says:

Ford gt and corvette had a baby

Uriah Bleue says:

Looks awesome, but it's still just a super lotus..

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