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300 WHP Big Turbo Ford Fiesta ST – One Take

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We have lots of experience with bolt-on parts for the Fiesta ST after our COBB-Tuned long-termer, but this is a horse of a different turbo. This Fiesta ST has an upgraded turbocharger, and a massive list of aftermarket engine and power adding parts resulting in an almost unbelievable 300 horsepower at the wheels. It’s an absolute riot to rip through a canyon.

Check out the Fiesta ST on Wheelwell!

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Zacharyt54 says:


rob clarke says:

And it’s a ford. Proper shite.

rob clarke says:

Fwd bollocks.

Michael Fish says:

Turbo sounds great. Engine sounds like a ford

Steve A says:

What’s this thing got for exhaust on it? Sounds good. Don’t think they mentioned it.

Thomas Cho says:

anyone else catch the guy peeing in the beginning?

darrin goodbrand says:

Nice car sounds as though it's grinding when he's accelerating mabie it's just the microphone

brandon wright says:

I'm a srt4 guy and owner but that thing sounds nice ?

blackmkiv says:

What shift knob is that?

Ryan I says:

What rear spoiler is this guy rocking? Are those federal tires actually any good?

Wealthy Musical Instrument says:

how are these in the snow?

Luka Đanović says:

What do you think I should get ford fiesta st or toyota gt87? Im buying used car and my comute is 80 percent city driving

betoski says:

future car: Mustang gt, brz, fiesta st or camaro.

Pwillig says:

Oh man. What a little monster.

neverendingmods says:

Dude, trust me when I say that your bov is leaking mad boost. Get a recirculating bov, not an atmospheric or hybrid. The vent to atmosphere bovs are known, well known, to all leak boost pressure except when wot from zero throttle. So unless JUST drag racing and flat shifting it get rid of that worthless bov that is making your car slower than it actually is. You will over spin your turbo running that junk bov.

Manny Echaluce says:

most unreliable car model 😀 gotta love them Mexican made American cars…

MRT says:

Alternative fuels….Yep, you guys pointed out the problem with those. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find E85 out in Washington State. I have a flex fuel vehicle that I never have used E85 with due to no stations being anywhere.

For a small car, that thing is insane!

Eddie Becerra says:

Looks like arizona to me

Zach Zamora says:

How much did this build cost?? Does anyone know

Maximiliano Luera says:

I love the fiesta st because I'm willing to bet this guys in it for less than a stock focus rs even with all the mods

The Modell Collector says:

How much is it?

Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon says:

Now i wanna get my fiestaST to 300whp lol AND IM ONLY 130LBS so power to weight would be incredible.

Nicholas Busby says:

To water buffalos riding a pig

Ryan I says:

2 big dudes, 1 fiesta! lol. As another big dude, how tight did the driver compartment feel with both of you in there? Also – just watched the video about the 2014 Civic Si also – how's the torque steer in these small and powerful cars?

Travis Helton says:

What exhaust is on the car?

Zach Elhassan says:

Equivalent to Nissan t25 turbo

ClayterBob says:

my FiST is in the the shop right now because I got rear ended and i miss it so much! when i get it back im going to put a hybrid turbo on it.

Rich Aquila says:

Heres a 3 inch Cat back exhaust no muffler>>>https://youtu.be/rH7N9wxmbZs

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