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300km/h Aventador S Test Drive on the Autobahn! | REVIEW

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When I’m given the keys to a Lamborghini Aventador S, it would be a crime not to head to the Autobahn and listen to that 6.5 litre V12 roar! With 740 horsepower and the most dramatic looks you could imagine, the Aventador S has no issues easily exceeding 300km/h. This stunning car comes from Lamborghini Frankfurt and must be the true definition of a supercar, attracting more attention than you can imagine everywhere it goes. Is there anything that is more ‘supercar’ to you?

Having had a first outing in the Aventador S, this was a great opportunity to follow it up on some different roads and with an open Autobahn to explore. This particular car, finished in Blu Nila, is the demonstrator from Dörr Group Lamborghini Frankfurt, based at the Klassikstadt. A special thanks goes to David and the dealership for the opportunity to take it for a drive and film this video: https://www.instagram.com/doerrgroup/

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Vollgasmus 7 says:

Simply a dream <3

silver says:

The dealership looks like an abandoned building in Cleveland

Hamzeh Bakhiet says:

So would you say this or the Ferrari 812 Superfast? Which one do you prefer?

Stuart Campbell says:

Looks like the same key for my golf GTI

NOV3LIST says:

I really like how many of your vids are actually shot in Germany because we have the Autobahn haha

youngbreezy says:

People need to stop saying standard aventador it's the old gen aventador

mall231 says:

How come you put it in first before you stopped it

Nexus Achiles says:

So much theatre!!! I'd buy one if I was rich. In green or orange, or fu** it, I'll have both.

Fox says:

Hello….i own aventador 2015….how i get that remote silincer…?

Mayank Singh says:

Drivers paradise Germany

mehradad talati says:

Realy good and thank you.

Ivam Rodrigues says:

Why peoples go to deslike ??? The best channel of sports cars in the all world. Uhuuuu

Ash Jackson says:

There's a good reason they come with the travel pack option, to hold your phone, wallet etc. That said, it should be standard.

fips assmussen says:

all what this car only need is a key like bmw i8 hybrid key with display

Derotron says:

I have to say that the license plate mount in front looks so ugly its just such an after thought.

Josip Ricov says:

Why isn’t there a button for exhaust mood?

mertcan ayhan says:

Aventador s vs 720s vs 812 superfast ? Which one too useful for every day driving

DailyDrivenS85 V10 says:

Most people complain about the single clutch F1 gearbox. Yes it's jerky at low speed and slow but it is bloody fun when you're in the fastest shift mode and hitting Redline. It literally just kicks you in the ass letting you know you just shifted I truly love this feeling the new dual-clutch transmission don't do this some give you a light kick but it does not violently move your whole body when shifting.

cheo craig says:

lamborghini needs to put the dual clutch trans from the huracan in the aventador

iPsiiKo Olivier says:

For me lambo is the supercar with the most style inside of it where most supercars are all about saving weight on the inside with race looking interiors almost :p

Edos Wolf says:

Dear Shmee, you're visiting us in Germany so often, why you don't put your home to Germany? Maybe you will find more great stuff in Germany making you happy!

TheBlackSwordsMan says:

Still haven't pull 840 horsepower on that V12 yet!!!!! Come on man gotta put more horsepower. The Aventador hasn't yet to pass 217 mph still too. The gearbox and the transmission need to be change that way people don't have to do to much!!!!!! Also I love Lamborghini no matter what!!!!!! This is not my do I'm taking about other doing to much about Lamborghinis!!!!!!

Daniel Jednorowski says:

Tylko pozazdrościć tego jak daleko sięgnęła twoja pasja

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