$3Million Nardo Grey Arab Bugatti Chiron arrives in London!

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Supercars on the streets – So guys KHK has arrived back in London and he brought his new toys!
One of them is this incredible looking Nardo Grey Bugatti Chiron with blie interior, it looks stunning, probably the best looking one I’ve seen so far.

Enjoy the video!

Bugatti Chiron

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Intro/outro song by : https://soundcloud.com/brosafari/bro-safari-the-drop


mmy says:

fuck you Arabian shit.. not helping Palestinian..

Julia Zya says:

Le temps que tu mets pour sortir de chez toi, tu eux aller refaire le plein d'essence…Mdr

Sexiestmanalive01 says:

The colour of a cheap skoda octavia. Noiiiice

Prajwal Hegde says:

Willing to buy that car

Tomáš Maděra says:


ram munda says:

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Aead Muate says:

It is a very wonderful car I wish to get a car but I do not have money

The_Almaz _Pop says:

Чайник за рулём

Johan Rehnstrom says:

He had a hard time “running” a few meters.

Cristian ariel Franco says:

Tengo 2 de Esos

Cristian ariel Franco says:

Terrible Nave

Cristian ariel Franco says:

Lo Choca y Lo Matamos

Ramesh Kumar says:

I am driving it buggati

Lucky 13 says:

He can't even drive that car

Bongo says:

You'd think they'd be able to afford a better parking space… you know, one less tight and prone to scuffing.

BATMAN says:

Shit driver noob

Richard White says:


claudianrd says:

I bet he broke his knee, after that run

Ron Wylie says:

Rubbish lock on it, it's turning circle would be garbage it would be a nightmare to drive in traffic

Yahya Safoury says:

Lambo is more front aggressive look than Bugatti bugs bunny look

Yahya Safoury says:

Why the video title is so invy !

Frank Drebin says:

Előbb vezetni tanult volna meg…….

Daniela Capelli says:

Quanto ha speso di benzina per uscire dal cancello?? 😂😂😂😂😂

David Mattson says:

Just 3 mil and this is yours

No Calvinism says:

Who's that BIG FAT PUNK?

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