430HP Ford Focus RS Wolf Racing – Acceleration with Backfiring Sound!

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This time I have filmed a Wolf Racing Ford Focus RS 400 Stage 2 equipped with Milltek Non resonated cat back exhaust racing on a closed airfield against other cars. Wolf Racing upgrades the 2.5 five-cylinder turbocharged engine up to 430HP and 580Nm! Although the fact is that the RS is for a while on the market, it sounds pretty good! Especially with an aftermarket exhaust system like Milltek, Mongoose, Mountune or Wolf Racing!

Modifications on this Ford Focus RS:
-WOLF Stainless steel exhaust system with 200 cells KAT
-WOLF / H&R Coilovers
-WOLF footrest
-WOLF hand brake
-WOLF Gear indicator
-WOLF 40mm Wheel spacers
-AS Torque arm ( road vote)
-AIRTEC Intercooler 400+

Technical data Ford Focus RS:
Engine: 2.5 five-cylinder turbocharged
Performance: 305HP & 440Nm of torque
0-100 km/h: 5.9 seconds
Top speed: 263 km/h

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