495 HP C8 Corvette vs 707 HP Hellcat Charger Widebody | Roll and Drag Race Comparison

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2020 C8 Corvette (495 hp) vs 2020 Hellcat Charger 4-door sedan (707 hp) – both bone stock (for now) race each other from a dig and from a roll. Both cost around $80k. Which one wins? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! 979-885-1300 | http://www.HennesseyPerformance.com

Hennessey C8 Exhaust Page: https://bit.ly/C8Exhaust
Hennessey C8 Vehicle Page: http://bit.ly/HPE_C8
Hennessey Charger Hellcat Vehicle Page: https://bit.ly/2SZGRAw

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TheDoughGuitarG says:

Just imagine how fast the Z06 and the ZR1 is gonna be

Juan Rodriguez says:

Good video. Got straight to it with no talking

Damian Dmb says:

4500 lbs, the charger is a fat pig thats why! The Vette is about 1k lbs lighter.

Car Nut says:

C8 vette guys all happy to see it pass a 4 door sedan Hellcat that weighs 1,220 lbs more. Sorry I’m not impressed.

Jesse Ortega says:

I gave this a like because the video gets straight to the point.
I would take the Hellcat though🙏

JEEP & Harley Life Downunder says:

No way the stock is a 3 sec car

Eric Haley says:

I wonder how much of a difference between the two will be once the C8 is fully tuned

Jordan Ductant says:

man if these hellcats get AWD and lose a 300 to 400 pounds they will be destroying mostly everything out there period.

rogelio velasquez says:

watch out Tesla roadster for the C8 Z06

Tbodya _Ternichka says:

Are you comparing Supercar and Sport Sedan is this normal? Corvette is lighter and faster

Ozark 64 says:

Bloated cop car gets owned …again .. MOPAR 👎🏻 , but hey the used car lot at the local KIA dealer stays well stocked with em🤣😆

simonas cibutavicius says:

Because chevy is saying that corvette has 495,but some people tested it and found out that corvette has more than 650 hp

Ray Sason says:

how can u race a Natural light CAN with a5000lbs family car 😂

Ray Sason says:

how can u race a Natural light CAN with a5000lbs family car 😂

P Williams says:

Who's ever in the Vette knew exactly how to launch and how much throttle to give at take off but the hellcat driver seems to just be along for the test drive 🤦🏽‍♂️

Diego Lerma says:

it’s not about the hp

Frank Bob says:

SOoooo, no one is talking as to why the Charger bogged down even though it was at 1000 rpm prelaunch? I believe fuel pressure lapsed for about a second and a half. Or it could very well be a crappy driver that doesn't know what they're doing.

Maykol De la torre says:

El dodge es un traste d 0 todos los carros le dan x el culantro jajajajaja 🤣

DJ Williams says:

nice would like 2c the C8 vs the Trackhawk.

best of the best says:

are those dodge 707 hp fake???? how come it barely can keep up with a corvette 500 hp??? i know its about weight and traction …but man it defies physics


Hell cat should had in launch control. C8 had it on.

SRT Reaper says:

Driver mod, the guy driving the Charger needs to stick to his Prius.

Supercar Driven says:

Good video bro We ran the C8 against a hellcat race but you be gaping we posted the race check it out 🔥

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