[4k] Uncut Kawasaki Ninja H2 vs Bugatti Veyron 16.4 "Dutchbugs" in 4k Ultra HD

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Full race all angles here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfArLQbKYVQ


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Hernan says:

Maybe the koenigsegg agera r could beat h2r, but in 2 miles, not in 1 mile

TolitsDTerrible says:

Designers going through sleepless night trying to have the best aerodynamics possible for their cars and here's this genius, racing with his windows open.


Kawasaki stopped and then the Bugatti overtook the bike. It is impossible to win this beast with any car!


thats just an h2, how about h2r hhahaha kawasaki will eat bugatti veyron anytime…..you need 2000+ hp to math the Power to weight ratio bugatti.

Knightwinds RC says:

I own a 300hp h2 and to be honest the bugatti actually did pretty good. Very impressive for the car in my opinion. people have no real concept on how fast that bike actually is.

Tuan Hung Vo says:

keep in mind that is just the H2 there's a H2R

Keerti Dolly says:

Wow nice sound love you
I am bike lover
Kiran dolly 💥

Blade Olsen says:

That thing beats a jet and a f1 car aswell, the things a missile

42montee says:

So on normal streets the bike kicks your ass lol what a waste of money the car is

Prosox :D says:

That's a reason it's higher model H2r is not legal on street❤️

WTF Dude says:

That bike kicked your ass. 😂

Sam McBride says:

You don't need an H2R. Just chip and uncork the H2 to get rid of the speed limiter. Even a ZX10 uncorked is amazingly fast. I have one. 200MPH is easy.

Achala De Silva says:

I got it the bikes pick up is very high than the Buggati. But not the speed. Is it right?

Dilusha Nuwan says:

kawsaki is the best💥⚡️

Tinmar Villanueva says:

Look, a lot of people criticizes the Bugatti for his price, not fast enough as other cheaper cars, bla bla bla, but if I had that kind of money, I would buy it, because of his elegance, history, one of a kind , etc.. I wouldn't buy it to race other cars, this car is for people of another level, that car is not for racing I would say. I am not defending anything, I am giving my opinion. If I want to show off to race any body I would buy a ZR1 corvette or a GTR Nissan super loaded Nissmo.

Hjdkfjffkdk Hkfkfysye says:

H2 is faster then you
H2 is faster then you…

Zohaib Khan says:

He bought Bugati Ego


VRon was like what is that called?
H2 be like it's called Speed….

Bruce Kitchura says:

In the short run the H2 had him if they had gone for a mile the veyron would have walked away from him. That bike is an awsome piece of machinery though

Jayakrishnan Ku says:

Ninjannan vech pidikahn

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