5000HP Devel Sixteen vs Hennessey Venom F5 – World's Fastest Cars!!

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Here’s the World’s Fastest Cars battle between 5000HP Devel Sixteen vs Hennessey Venom F5. Hope you all like this video.

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Hans Im Glück says:

Clickbait. What else did you expect?!

kallebaah0 says:

Christian Koenigsegg is laughing his ass off

Saleen Raj says:

Hennessey venom lovely car

slav_ taylor says:

Personal yin a fan of the devel 16

john king says:

look at how shitty the carpet under the steering wheel looks. it looks like something a bunch of kids did in a shop class… this is absolutely ridiculous for real.

john king says:

the devel people couldnt even get a real arab to lie to everyone, they got a white guy with a bad arab accent to spill this bullshit all over everyone… wtf?

john king says:

notice how you only see the b rolls of the hennessey driving? its because it is the only one of these that is real… they only show pictures and cgi of the devel car. stupid people believe anything, look at what nasa has convinced people that we did. fucking laughable…

john king says:

the hennessey is a real car…

Sleek_mos The doge says:

Hennessy venom cuase the car it self on the devel 16 is way too heavy and it will accelerate slow and it will fall from an uphill racr

xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx says:

Devel 16 = 5000HP bihh
BloodHound SSC = You Dare Oppose me Mortal? Im 77000HP you dipshit

xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx says:

Hmm that dubai guy is pretending like he is a car guy…

Also The Devel 16 Wing is a ripoff of a Lamborghini Veneno… what a copy cat bullshit

real gamer 4first says:

THE venom will win
please help us

DLR Music says:

Just put drag tires and fully modify the devel … how fast should that go I'd say like 10k hp

nahitsjustp_ncake says:

the devel sixteens in the beginning aren’t the same. look at the exhausts, the wing, and the placement of “devel sixteen”

darkside of life says:

Devel has 5000bhp!!So how comes the breaking system on it looks like it’s been taken off a Fiat car

Dyami The Dabbing Boi says:

Dude how is a car that’s not even real fastest car. In all the vids bout it the steering wheel is a Wii controller and no brake clampers + it’s not proven that it has 5K HP because in all the vids it goes slow. You can barely move it otherwise you need to push it. Such a rip off of 2 MILLION DOLLARS

Reedツ says:

Deveste Eight vs Cheval Taipan

Aaron Canese says:

Worlds fastest CAR. the Devil 16 is a kit car with an LS. HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN THE INTERIOR

SNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS says:

I wonder what would happen if you put twin pro chargers instead of quad turbos

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