500HP Subaru Impreza STi Turbo Anti-Lag Backfiring!!

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Full HD 1080p Video By NM2255: 500bhp Subaru Impreza STi with turbo anti-lag system (bang bang) loud backfires and sound from exhaust!

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the idle sounds fucked up… retune time!

simon lloyd says:

that sounds horrific.

Michael Janzen says:

where is the antilag?

Ian Santi says:

I like subaru imprezas but this one sounds unhealthy…

Daniel Myre says:

That souns like my dad after dinner

Xeno Falcon says:

the exhaust makes it sound almost exactly like it WRC counterpart, which I appreciate very much

Anthony Polomaine says:

how the fuck you drive this anywhere, every shift you would backfire lmao

Thomas Dumestier says:

What is the name of this exhaust ?

Subielicious says:

exhaust system?

CVMediaProd says:

sounds like a rotary lol

Bittertokken says:

How do I get my prius to do this?

Galbin Fuentes says:

The car is sick n you could tell it's got some serious power but it don't sound that great it sounds too raspy

Joshua Majchrzack says:

Does anyone knows where you can get thos mad rally frontlips? Or if they are not bought, of what material they are made?

NHEFF09 says:

sounds fooked

Donat Ebane Eyi says:

This sound is music to my hears

Mackey Jiwang says:

anti -lag??

Doggieman1111 says:

Because race car!

sam says:

i dont get how people are saying it sounds shit. its a fucking subbie how? the comments are like aids on this video jeezz

Jack Torrance says:

Oh wow it bangs. Every second video of a turbo car in europe is parked somewhere doing nothing else but blipping the throttle in neutral with anti lag on or banging it on the 2 step. All it takes is a turbo car, a free flowing exhaust, no cat and $150 box off ebay that cuts ignition in some way to do this shit. Woopty-fuckn-doo.

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