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5thGear – Subaru Impreza WRX STi vs Subaru Forester STi

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5thGear – Subaru Impreza WRX STi vs Subaru Forester STi.avi

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Bogusław Nowoszycki says:

why brit has got problem to say easy word Impreza…. ridicoulus.

SupramanTRD says:

A girl that actually loves driving wild in Subaru's, too bad there aren't many like this lol.

blainyrules says:

I'd take the Forester over that 2.5 Impreza any day personally.

Or a GF8 STi…

Autowill says:

I love my 98 Forester. I like driving it more than my Fr-s.

Che Mcstay says:

after seeing this I needed to get a fsti, I imported one just over a year ago and I love ??

kedi lee pagett says:

I have the sg9 forester sti alot of fun to drive and can get the children and dog in it. and I use it as daily driver

Joe carnevale says:

lol impretzel

Любители Субару says:

Любители Subaru https://vk.com/subarufans лучшая группа в VK!!! не веришь загляни по ссылке и увидишь сам!

davidross72 says:

Foz STi – my dream car…one day….one day

Nelson Olotu says:

point of correction subaru forester sti isn't school car

craig b says:

Impreza, not Imprezza!

Ronnie Boucher says:

i would much rather have the forester any day!

Peter Schmidt says:

"the weight of a medium sized man". So… the the size of the average woman?

doryanthes67 says:

Ah the good old days of Subaru before they started selling trapezoid shaped granny shopping cars ……..

doryanthes67 says:

Why do UK presenters insist on calling the impreza the impretza? There is no "t"in the word, like pretzel?????

kuladeeluxe says:

Just put together my own version of this car in North America using Subaru Japan suspension parts. My observation is that it is a fantastic package….but rides just a tad too rough in the back and the body is the weak link in terms of rigidity. It is a blast to drive though and the stability at speed and turn in around town is spot on. It is very similar to driving an M3. I don't think there is a more fun SUV to drive on earth than the original STI Forester.

ThatCarGuy Samuel says:

I want one of the ladies and the car!

Emmanuel Amoyan says:

Its hard to choose. I will either get a 2004-2007 forester xt or a 1972 240z. Cant decide lol

Barnaby says:

I will take my kids to school in it one day

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