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6 Reasons NOT to buy a Jeep Wrangler

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Serkan Ister says:

U f….. Dick wasted my time

259972 says:

Thumbs down for cellphone girl

Alex the rapper says:

Guys this is an option so buy it if you want because my cousin has one and it works very good

Nilesh Patel says:

my 2.22 minutes..

Talez From the DashCam says:


simon lloyd says:

buy a TJ..The best Wrangler ever made. That's all..Im not watching anymore of this video because i fucking hate this self indulgent channel.

bgblystyle says:

LMAO at all the butt hurt Jeep owners!!! ???

FoxAndRoses says:

“We’re going to talk about the topic of this video! But first, sweet tarts, advertisements, my court trial, and cops on the road!” 5 minutes+, STILL haven’t started talking about the point of the video, wtf

cliff3321 says:

Start video at 3:50. All trash before that

No Such Luck says:

Holy diarrhea of the mouth, Batman! First 3 minutes are a total waste of time!! Couldn't stand to watch any more of this crap!

Yvenel Cheriscar says:

Jeez hurry up and get to the point ?

might.be.a r says:

i mean if you don’t want the jeep… CAN I HAVE IT LOL I MEAN DAMN

dubkid420 says:

For those of you coming to this video for the same reason I did, which is hopefully informative content:  Here is some actual problems with owning a Jeep Wrangler of this era from an educated standpoint:  1.  Wildly uncomfortable to drive in all aspects.  2.  Horrific gas mileage, even for what it is.  3.  4 -door comes with same underpowered engine as 2-door, this is just ignorant.  But hey, FIAT.  4.  All Wranglers are maintenance whores and require tons of constant upkeep to stay in top condition or even close to it.  5.  Interior is shoddy at best.  Pull Velcro covers off of your roll bars and see for yourself how they don't even bother to paint the parts you don't see.  6.  ITS A DAMN FIAT.

dubkid420 says:

1. Garden hose or aftermarket latches – fixed2. Learn to drive a manual off-road properly – fixed3. You think that is slow?  Should have seen the 3.8l.  It is a Jeep, not a Ferrari moron.  Want to go fast off-road?  Buy a Raptor.  Want a fast Jeep?  Buy an SRT-8- fixed4. Cannot relate at all. Same solution as #2.  Learn to drive a manual properly.5.  Ill just not even bother, how the hell do you have a following at all?  Oh wait, mostly kids who cannot drive yet.  – fixed

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