7 Amazing New TESLAs on Roads in 2020/21

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Representing 7 New Tesla Electric Vehicles That Will Be on Roads in 2020/21.

01: Tesla’s self-driving ride-sharing network with Model 3 Robotaxis that come without steering wheels and pedals. Expected to come to market by the end of 2020

02: Tesla Semi truck, expected arrival in late 2020

03: The ”Plaid” version of the Model S and X. The vehicles will be equipped with 3 motors for an outstanding performance

04: Tesla Model Y, already in production. First AWD models will be delivered in March 2020

05: Tesla Cybertruck. Full-size all-electric pickup truck that beats Porsche 911 by acceleration time. Arrival is expected in 2021

06: Tesla Model 3 ‘P100D’. A Model 3 is expected to come by the end of 2020 with Ludicrous mode equipped with a battery pack of a 100 kWh capacity

07: Tesla Roadster 2.0. Arriving in 2021, it will be the fastest production car with 1.9 sec of 60 mph acceleration time.

+Model 2 is expected to be built at Tesla’s factory in China, which is going to be the most affordable Tesla vehicle. (probably $25,000)