$7 Million 1964 Ford GT40 Prototype – Mecum Auctions

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On day three of the Mecum Auction in Houston Texas, the highly anticipated offering of The 1964 Ford GT40 Prototype GT/104 (Lot S147.1) crossed the block in front of a bidding arena that was filled to capacity.  After more than five minutes of rigorous bidding, the hammer dropped at an astounding $7 million, securing the top sale of the entire 3-day auction and marking itself as what is certain to be one of the top sales of the year in the collector car market.



Why didnt they fire it up?

Austin says:

There not mentioning that the best rapper in the world is in the building.

DANRYX says:

It somewhat ruins the experience when you announce the winning bid in the title of the video, all curiosity is gone.

ShadowTheKitten says:

The guy in the back ground be like hdnxy7nzjinsijnxyx8bdoyndoxjnijdnicbdmxmxokndjdnfinof jffn

Kanedgy says:

Me cum alright 🤣

Alex Taylor says:

Jay Leno on the phone. 10 years this will be worth easy $20 million.

Anthony Stark says:

You’d think they wouldn’t want some fat guy wrinkling the seats

Bruce Borowski says:

puny god……………..

Aubrey Wallace says:

7 mill u nutts ill rob u.or just feed d homeless an ride a Hundai u feelbetter u made god smile☺ while satan sucks his Teeth

Brian K Mc Garvey says:


Donald Thomas says:

Shelby's finished 1, 2 and 3 against the back stabbing Enzo.

TheDeSeanAllen says:

I smell another Ford GT heritage edition coming 👀

furtif massacre says:

I would be driving that car non-stop😎

wayde b says:

It’s worth 5x that today

Talia Bean says:

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Ανδρέας Μπισιάδης says:

Lucky who has it.

Nick Kowalske says:

Drive the pos

Noah Boat says:

Honestly i dont mind it being in a private collection, as long as they have the car publicly displayed. One of the biggest car collections is in Dubai made by one guy, and that dude displays his collection in a pyramid-shaped building

RowseyBrothers,LLC says:

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johnny hensley says:

the driver of that car ran through the cones in that race hahahahah

Robert Schittler says:

Has anyone heard of the MONSTER FORD GT? A 1 of 1 built by Accufab/John Mihovetz & Fischer Motorsports with 3,000 horsepowers on methanol, 1,690 on E85 and 1,190 on pump gas. Sure, it also has nitrous and a MoTeC making it the only one that really heads off smoothly and straightly with no rubber burnt. Could be dailied or given The Wife for running errands, but is FAST second to none, Ive heard. Soooo cool! I grab my bucks and buy it…


That sounds of price auction sounds like a bubble motorcycle

Ur Daddy says:

Just to sit in the shadows …

Benjamin Filice says:

needs to go to the petersen museum

SVFilming says:

Commentator: Ford vs Ferrari

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