720bhp AMG GT Black Series: is this Stig's most sideways lap ever?! | Top Gear

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Ever wondered what goes on at the Top Gear test track when the show’s not being filmed? Well it’s this. Constant, non-stop THIS. Yep, Stig’s got his hands on the latest 720bhp Merc-AMG Black Series and wants to bonfire some tyres…

Want to see more of the Stig’s drifting skills? Check him out in a BMW M3 GTS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVf811yyyVnPAhGghYTHS8stznj9yQdwj

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DJ Gandy says:

The sound is shit

小明 says:

yellow button

Derin Barutcu says:

You guys need a better stig

FirearmTutorials .com says:

That's the way AMG cars deserve to be driven…

Ginger Dog says:

Wish the trio was able to hold onto the Stig bit. The only Top Gear content I'll watch at all anymore is stig laps, and only when one of those new guys isn't narrating

Ketoo says:

The sound……., i would better choose older amg with normal plane crankshaft

Basti Remedy says:

take 400 nm torque off and it still whant to kill u in every sec u in drive it

Bidhan kar says:

Gotta love that burning rubber smell.

James Cartier says:

It's cool until you realize that a Tesla family sedan can be specified with 300 more horsepower. This really is the last days of the petrol engine lads

Apocalypse says:

The Drift Series

Seti4077 says:

change the goddam name of this series

GameWe On says:

TOP VIDEO!!! + like

Volkswagen Boy says:

Hey Guys- I just started a YouTube channel and uploaded my first video on my Mk7 APR stage 2 golf R, would appreciate you guys checking it out! Thanks!

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