840HP Dodge Demon vs Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 1/4 Mile Drag Racing – 3 Races

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We race the Dodge Demon equipped with the race gas ECU, 100 octane fuel, race air filter, skinnies up front and Mickey Thompson tires in the back vs a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4.

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Track: Our Psych – Purge [NCS Release]
Colossus by Wydron https://soundcloud.com/wydron




The power is unreal!

Vicky Donor says:

SPOILER: Demon wins once the tyres are warmed up 👍

Enrique Salas says:

Nunca los carro americanos podrán superar a los carro de Europa no en. Cálida ni en venta

Andrew Enriquez says:

Tha Lamborghini took off on the last yellow light didn’t even let it hit green

Clint Eastwood says:

Demon driver is garbage

Demitri_1k says:

hellcats are really faster than lambos

love song says:

This is italian power😍

Omgwtflmaololrotfl says:

Yankees in the comments butthurt cause their pos drag queen car got walked…

IIlllIIlllII338 says:

The guy in the demon forgot his reaction time at home

jcismybud says:

Demon driver needs a Red Bull to wake the fuck up !

to G says:

Buys a demon and thinks he's a drag racer.fail!!!

Muhammad Gamer TV says:

I thought the thumbnail was gta lol

Abando Soul says:

Did they have a casket driving the demon. Buddy was dead multiple times at the light

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