8k Crayon Porsche 992 Turbo S in super high resolution at Porsche Center Jönköping [8k]

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Available here: https://www.porsche-jonkoping.se

Crayon Porsche 992 Turbo S Porsche Exclusive rearlughts etc at Porsche Center Jönköping [4k 60p]


GTBOARD.com says:

And for the track: https://youtu.be/HWwKvBvaV-I

MrBCut says:

@GTBOARD.com dude awesome upload! thanks so much 👏👍

Zakia Nanda says:

This is a car hybird era you can feel that if you have

TJK0716 says:

is it wrong that I’m aroused 😜?

Ferro says:

Imagine having a car which is identic with a frog👌

Nikia Butler says:

It’s beautiful on the outside I don’t like the inside. I love real chic modern but classic looking not plain or gatti but pretty. I didn’t like this inside. The leather in cars use to be real thick and expensive looking now it looks like vinyl even if the car is super expensive. But overall, I do love a Porsche I would just look for a pretty inside as well. Thanks for sharing🙏🏾💯

bigboymarket says:

caliper looks way smaller than b4………doesnt look as agressive…..

John Cats says:

I want this 1

Venomous Spyro says:

Dream car right there…

Ragnar Ragnarök says:

This car is just so f**king beautiful!
Man, I wish I was rich.

Ro Ashley says:

It’s so perfect it makes me want to cry.

U G osrs says:

This is a 911, not a 992 ?

Hacker says:

Wow what a beautiful car

Louie Renga says:

I thought my 1979 930 turbo was nice. I also had a 2003 Carrera 4s and thought it was nice. But OMG this new turbo… Is by far the most beautiful …..,….,…..! I'm in love with it. I can't even find the words!!!
I really really want one!!!!
Will someone please please buy me one😂


I love this colour ❤️

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