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[8k] Unbeleivable Koenigsegg Gemera driving on electricity and loading up

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[8k] Unbeleivable Koenigsegg Gemera driving on electricity and loading up


agung h says:

I read the engine could turn to became 2 stroke engine, wonder what sound will come out (dally i use 2 stroke motorbike 😁)

Subin Wang says:

beautiful music as well

Watermelon says:

I just noticed how big the door is fr😂😂😂

gurra747 says:

Damn thats in halmstad yo

magicmulder says:

Gawd I hate the dashboard. They build my dream car and then make it look like a kid used an iPhone to beef up his Fiesta. Whatever happened to the Regera dash?

nolive12 says:

The back looks like mk4 supra


This beauty is literally everything ive ever wanted in a hypercar…
2 door, comfortable 4 seater with a decent interface dashboard and an exterior like that…. and most of all, its a koenigsegg, this is the closest ive ever seen a car come to my vision of what id consider my dream car to be.
Looking at this piece of art makes me emotional, feel like a kid again, its just that interesting.

มูหํามัดสูแฮรี สะมะแอ says:


ProfessorPottsyTV says:

This is my hands down favorite car of all time. I want so badly but Since I’m not rich enough now to buy one before they’re sold I doubt I’ll ever own one. GTA5 better put this in their game so I can get as close to driving one as I will ever get lol

Saitama says:

This is like when porche and aston martin make a car and this is what the cars look like

MarSter69 says:

Sensational looking and no doubt will be insane drive. Remarkable and so lucky to enjoy its being right now 😷

PhajEJEK Ly says:

Hyper cars only meant to be 2 doors only

Christian : HOLD MY BEER

Brynn Jones says:

Cristiaan is the Lex Luthor of the car world… Bald eagle… Pushing auto engineering to the future

Jonas Castejon says:

That's some trippy music 🎶

Real Togi says:

I love how they made the 3 cylinder sound like a 6 with the platinum exhaust

Mahlok 82 says:

Koeningseng number 1 faster car in the world..

Hernan Meza says:

Musica The Sleeping Prophet – Jesse Gallagher

Per-Oskar Odermalm says:

Bendt bil i Halmstad…

Gillan Stewart says:


76ers says:

1:12 – When it rains, would water get into the exhaust?

Casper Me says:

I see we are back to windows which only half open.
Doesn't feel much like progress🤔

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