900BHP Brabus Rocket GT!! New 4.5 V8 Beast Full Review!

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New 4.5 litre AMG V8 powers another Rocket to #Brabus! Based on the brilliantAMG GT63 S, but this is a hyper car car with many changes to the base model.

The base GT63S is already the world’s fastest 4 seater on the ring, proving faster than an SLS Black Series. It has 640BHP, and a 0-60 of 3.2 seconds via its pure combustion 4.0 V8, as shared with the two door GT. That’s all in a near 2 tonne car!

But as we’ve seen with our past Brabus videos, they treat base #AMG models like AMG treat their Mercedes base models: yeah it’s nice, but let us get to work!! 😈

First they made the Brabus GT800. Using the B40S-800 pack, it produces 800BHP, 1000NM and 2.9 to 60, a real beast in its own right… But then they were like, nah this ain’t enough!

Enter the Rocket 900, 10 unit limited edition car, following a history of crazy rockets from Brabus’ past like the E V12 Brabus, the changes begin with the engine.

Bored from 4.0 to 4.4, it has a new Crankshaft, pistons, conrods, camshaft and Oil sprayers Then the typical Brabus changes of New turbo chargers and a New ECU.

The result? 900BHP, 1050NM and 0-60 – 2.8 seconds! VMax at 330km!

Insane! And so much has been changed on the body. There’s carbon, Kevlar, aluminium, a new Engine cover and much more to show you. And of course it has a Brabus exhaust system.

So let’s see how it performs on track! As we explore:

– Brabus Rocket Launch Control
– The AMG GT63S Base car
– Brabus GT800 GT63
– The Brabus Rocket 900
– The New Engine
– Performance figures
– Wide Body Design
– Brabus Rocket Exhaust Sound
– Interior review
– Performance review
– Conclusion

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Driving disclaimer:
Please note all driving shots have been filmed on a closed track.


Johnny jeter says:

This car is really mind blowing


What a car
M5 vs this
Who’s gonna win ?

Bass Trammel says:

I just hpoe they will sell those rims soon enough!

kereszt1 says:

Looks shit.

Hasan Ekiz says:

Einfach nur schön und Hammer 🔨 Auto 🚘

mwangi gicheru says:

the exterior works visually for the power tune.. the interior… they ruined it

Florind Qollaku says:

Interior from brabus 🤮🤮🤮

ktr4!n - says:

think he hit 60 mph once wow it really moves maybe it can go to 70mph

Bachelor 2021 says:

Вот это тяга у него просто паровозная 💪

Dale Steel says:

ENGINEERS: okay so we will make the panels from carbon fibre to save every bit of weight we can.

DESIGNERS: so what we're going to do is fit lights in the grill so it looks cool at night.


jordoVTI says:

The gigantic B on the front badge looks like crap

SonnyB says:

It's a sad day when you realise you are old and you wonder that you'd be happy with the first one 😭

Shade says:

Instant transmission intro, 👀 this is a man of culture 👍

Alen Ibričić says:

from 0 to 100 km/h 2.64 seconds

Nicholas Scirollio says:

You know what's really impressive? When a 650hp Porsche 911 Turbo s is quicker than a 900hp Brabus Mercedes
and can hit 300km in 23.4 seconds

A A says:

That front bumper kinda looks like an f90 m5

Ira Padrogane says:

Brabus rocket is like mercedes gt63

Yosua Martin says:

am i the only one who doesn't like the way speedo mater looks like? it looks like an android tablet put in to the car

Dime Kocev says:

Why nobody is talking about the instant transmision??

A Radford says:

Its not hard to reach 800whp in these cars, so to only hit 900 with so much extra engine work seems disappointing.

-Wickie - says:

Just the Brabus badge costs 30 grand.

Nigel James Hughes says:

The red arrows make this car look cheap, it may be one of ten but it's tacky.

Philly Phil says:

the widebody on this is KILLER. it actually doesn't make the car look wide as it simply makes it look "normal". never really liked the styling of the GT sedan (in fact i hated it) as the proportions seemed off and too narrow but this corrects that. lose the wing and i'll take 2.

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