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The McLaren 765LT and AMG GT Black Series go directly head to head in their purpose, performance, price and even exclusivity. However, despite a history of both the LT models and AMG GTs, I’ve only bought one of the new cars (so far); is my choice actually the better car and how do they stack up against one another? (More)

It’s no secret that Mercedes-AMG are working on the GT Black Series and it’s not too far away now! So, what do we know about it? And will it become a future Shmeemobile? Let’s discuss it all during a run out in my AMG GT R Pro to Little Legends for the unpacking of some very exciting new arrivals. (More)

Here is the most detailed review of the Mercedes AMG GT R, I tell you everything about the design, interior, features, performance, ride, handling, braking, steering, price and of course give you a verdict on whether you should buy the Mercedes AMG GT R in India. This Mercedes AMG GT R review is a long drive one with a real-world perspective of the supercar from Mercedes-Benz. (More)

Last weekend I went by Mercedes Benz of Bonita Springs to see some of my friends who work there and got the chance to check out 1 of only 50 AMG GT C Edition 50 Roadsters in the USA they have at their dealership! The car is a sinister matte black and comes stock with aggressive cosmetic upgrades looking like the AMG GTR. (More)

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4-Door Coupe INFERNO – Sound, Interior and Exterior (More)

Another epic GTA 5 car mod; the Saleen S7, this one has working gauges in the dashboard! Make sure to stick around ’till the end of the video for a little crash test 😀 (More)

Watch new cars (2 Bugatti and Ferrari) tests here (More)


Rich TVX (More)

America Will Be Reborn (More)

Asphalt 9 Maxed Zenvo TS1 GT Multiplayer
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This time I have filmed a 1200HP Zenvo TSR-S! The Zenvo TSR-S is one of the very first hypercars with a Active Rear Spoiler. You will see it in action on the GoodWood Festival Of Speed and see it driving in the Swiss Alps! I hope you enjoy the video. (More)

Bentley Continent GT is ultimate luxury supercar. In this video i will will see about the Features, Engine Performance, Interior, Exterior, Walkaround and Specail Features of the Car. Donnot forget to drop a like and SUBSCRIBE! (More)

Hey everyone and welcome to Exotic Car Man channel. Get your automotive adrenaline charge. Here you will find many videos of supercar Reviews and Walkarounds, most expensive, and most exotic hottest supercars in the world. Videos of Supercar Accelerations, Race, Drag Racing, plus Exhaust Flames, Best of Supercar Sounds LOUD SOUNDS! (More)

Restoring and Rebuilding a wrecked 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport using Thrustmaster steering wheel setup hope you enjoy the video! (More)

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Essai Ferrari SF90 Stradale (2020) (More)

sport auto-Testfahrer Christian Gebhardt im neuen Hybrid-Supersportwagen Ferrari SF90 Stradale mit 1000 PS Systemleistung. (More)

Step into the future and go beyond imagination with the #FerrariSF90Spider. A new generation of #Ferrari sports cars starts with an open-top powerhouse. (More)

La nuova Ferrari SF90 Stradale è una vettura estrema in ogni sua parte e rappresenta una svolta epocale perché offre livelli di prestazioni finora mai visti su una vettura di serie. 1000cv di potenza massima, un rapporto peso/potenza di 1.57 kg/cv e 390 kg di carico aerodinamico a 250 km/h: sono questi i numeri che non solo portano la SF90 Stradale al vertice della categoria ma che, per la prima volta nella storia della Ferrari, permettono ad una vettura equipaggiata con motore V8 di porsi al vertice della gamma. (More)

2020 Bentley Flying Spur W12 FIRST EDITION – Exhaust Sound, Interior and Exterior (More)

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[Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 12,8 l/100 km | CO₂-Emissionen kombiniert: 292 g/km | Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series]* Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here: (More)

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