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Jay Leno got the first look at the highly anticipated mid-engine, next generation Corvette Stingray. Watch this exclusive look and get ready for all new episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage August 28th 10P ET.
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Introducing the Land Rover Discovery SVX, our most capable and powerful Discovery yet. Developed and hand assembled by Special Vehicle Operations’ expert craftsmen, creating a Discovery with the ultimate off-road capability. (More)

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Conducimos por unos días el nuevo Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante, uno de los coches de producción más potentes fabricados por Aston Martin. Es el modelo tope de gama de la marca británica y una de las más potentes de su historia. Sus 725 CV lo equiparan con superdeportivos como el Ferrari 488 Pista Spider, el McLaren 720 S Spider o el Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster. Pero a diferencia de ellos, el Aston Martin no es un biplaza, sino un 2+2. Esto le da una mayor funcionalidad y define su filosofía de gran turismo, más que de superdeportivo radical. (More)

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VIDEO 2 – TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER – As well as the engine and drivetrain, the Nissan GT-R features a wealth of technology and the team faces several challenges in transferring the GT-R’s complex driving systems into the body of a JUKE. (More)

HD Video By NM2255: White Koenigsegg CCX on the road!! This fabulous car has a V8 supercharged engine and produces 806bhp @ 6900rpm!! Over 360kmh is the top speed. Listen to its awesome engine sound!! (More) (More)

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Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 6: Cayenne S Diesel: 8,2-8,0 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 215-209 g/km. Cayenne Turbo S: 11,5 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 267 g/km. (More)

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The Dodge brand in the performance industry has had a massive turnaround. The Charger Hellcat,Challenger Hellcat, and Dodge Demon changed the game when it came to out of the box horsepower figures compared to the rest of the world. The HellCat Redeye Challenger is no exception, and for this in depth review we talk about the major and minor differences between the Hellcat Redeye vs Dodge Demon. Thanks for watching! (More)

The new Range Rover Sport – our most dynamic Range Rover. Featuring enhanced design, exceptional performance and our first ever Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). The reimagined interior blends intuitive technology including the new Touch Pro Duo infotainment system with luxurious sport detailing helping you make the most of every drive. (More)

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Jeremy takes us through the new versions of the Mitsubishi Evo and the Subaru Impreza. Both are complicated, both Japanese, both reach 155mph, so how to separate them? Jeremy uses a group of rally fans to help. Lets just hope the scotch egg doesn’t get run over! (More)

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New WRC Video : Subaru Impreza WRC 99
Real Sound motors
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【shift pattern】
perfect launch, 38mph 2nd, 3200rpm 3rd, 5600rpm Nos (in 3rd gear), rest deep good or early perfect shift (More)

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This has been streaming with only a few brief interruptions since May 4, 2018.
Enjoy mesmerizing views of Earth from Starman’s Tesla as it journeys deeper into the great void, while your consciousness drifts away on hypnotic waves of ambient music.
To answer some common questions:
0) SHANE DAWSON! Some YouTubers claim there was a “glitch” in the SpaceX live stream that showed the car inside a film studio. What the clip showed was the inside of the rocket’s payload fairing (nose), as it opened up and exposed the car to space. Here are some photos of the car being mounted in the Falcon Heavy’s 6 million dollar, 43-foot high payload fairing. – And here is a graphic showing how the car is mounted to the top of the rocket.
1) NOT LIVE! This footage originally aired live on February 6, 2018. This stream is a cleaned-up replay loop with music and chat.
2) SpaceX intended the system to only transmit video for a few hours after the launch. That’s all they wanted, or needed.
3) Starman is now tens of millions of miles from Earth, orbiting the Sun (not Mars) at a speed ranging from 44,000 mph (20 km/s) to 75,000 mph (34 km/s). To track its position, visit
4) Starman is in a heliocentric orbit – around the Sun – that will take it past the orbit of Mars by a few million km, but not as far as the asteroid belt. It is expected to continue orbiting for millions of years. There’s a small chance that it could collide with Earth, Venus, or the Sun in the distant future.
5) SpaceX launched Elon Musk’s car into space because they needed to test the new Falcon Heavy rocket with a dummy payload. They wanted to use something more interesting than concrete blocks or steel. The Falcon Heavy is so powerful that it could have lifted *47* Tesla Roadsters into orbit!
6) The continent you see is Australia. Papua New Guinea and part of Africa are barely visible. If you only see water, it’s because the Tesla wasn’t far enough away from Earth to see the whole hemisphere. The island of New Caledonia appears as a dark cigar shape against the bright sunglint on the ocean (some mistake it as a UFO).
7) You don’t see any stars because they are too dim to see when the camera is configured to properly expose the brightly-lit Tesla and Earth. If the camera’s light sensitivity were adjusted to show the stars then Starman, the Tesla, and Earth would be bright white blobs. Here’s a video where I explain and demonstrate:
8) You don’t see clouds moving because they are thousands of miles away. The clouds would need to be moving faster than the speed of sound in order for you to see any movement during the brief time it takes for the Earth to traverse the video frame.
9) You don’t see the Earth’s rotation because it takes 24 hours to rotate, yet the video pans past Earth in less than a minute. That’s not enough time to notice any rotation.
10) During the dark part of the video when the camera is adjusted for very low light, the frequent little pixel flashes are caused by particles of radiation from the Van Allen Belts striking the camera sensor. The bright light flashes are lightning storms. The dim gray blobs are city lights. The bright line that moves across the car is a reflection of the sunset on the horizon, overexposed because the camera auto-adjusted for low light.
11) The apparent dust that is sometimes visible on the Tesla’s hood may be rocket fuel spray, exhaust, or frozen water microparticles (frost). All of the material came from the rocket, not from space.
12) The bits of white material that you see occasionally floating past are just frozen rocket fuel droplets, exhaust, dust, or paint flecks from the rocket. They are not bubbles, stars, or UFO’s.
13) The occasional “poofs” of white cloud that flash momentarily behind the Tesla are exhaust gases from the attitude thrusters as they fire to adjust the rocket’s position.
14) SpaceX put the Tesla into a slow spin so that it could capture these amazing Earth views, and to equalize heat distribution.
15) The small round crescent Moon shaped object that sometimes drifts across the frame is, in fact, the Moon. Not a UFO. It looks small because of the wide angle camera lens being used. Try taking an un-zoomed photo of the Moon with your cell phone. It will look very small.
16) The huge blue object is the Earth. Also not a UFO. (More)

This is the Setup for the TVR Griffith that can be boughd in the Second Handed Car Dealer for around 40.000 credits.The Setup can be found on the end of the Clip.
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Bienvenue à bord du nouveau VW T-Roc. Qu’est-ce que c’est ? Un petit SUV. Encore un SUV ? Oui mais cette année, 1 français sur 3 choisira un SUV. Donc forcément, les constructeurs font des SUV. Ce T-Roc est le frère du Tiguan en plus petit. Mais attention, car dans la catégorie, entre les petits (2008, Captur) et les petits grands (Mokka), ça commence à se bousculer. Le Tiguan fait 4,49 m, le T-Roc 4,24 m et pour aller chercher les vrais petits, il y aura en 2019 le T-Cross. Le T-Roc est proposé avec 3 moteurs à son lancement : un TSI de 115 ch, un TSI de 190 ch avec transmission intégrale et boîte DSG7, et le 2 litres TDI 150 de notre modèle d’essai, pour l’instant livré également avec 4Motion et DSG7. A l’extérieur, on craque pour son style de petit coupé sportif, avec des petits détails esthétiques très sympathiques. L’intérieur présente bien et se veut original pour une VW : ça change un peu des habitacles austères, notamment grâce au petit bandeau de couleur. Mais ça change aussi dans le mauvais sens avec des plastiques durs, y compris sur la partie supérieure de la planche de bord. Certes, l’ensemble est bien assemblé donc ça passe, mais quand on regarde la facture de ce T-Roc, ça passe moins : par exemple notre version 2 litres TDI 150 en finition intermédiaire (sans GPS) dépasse les 33000 € ! Pour le reste, on retrouve un véhicule très sympa qui se rapproche évidemment du Tiguan puisqu’il utilise la même plateforme : le roulis est contenu, le comportement sympathique même si pas aussi dynamique qu’un 2008, le confort acceptable, le moteur répond bien (heureusement avec 150 ch). Les places arrière sont plutôt accueillantes avec une banquette large et une bonne longueur aux jambes. Le coffre est correct même si notre modèle avec transmission intégrale perd un peu de volume. Mais on se demande quand même à quoi va servir ce T-Roc car si vous vouliez un grand SUV, vous aviez le Tiguan, un très bon choix ; si vous cherchez un petit SUV, attendez le T-Cross en 2019. On verra ce qu’il donne mais il tournera autour des 4,15 m et évidemment ses tarifs seront plus légers. Celui-ci a un positionnement compliqué, entre deux chaises. Les commandes sont ouvertes à partir de janvier : Volkswagen est plutôt confiant mais le tarif est très élevé, et ça du mal à passer ! (More)

Go to and use code TIRE50 for 50 extra entries to win the Audi R8 Decennium! (More)

Volkswagen da finalmente vita al concept GT Up! con la Up! GTI. Il 3 cilindri mille eroga 115 CV, potenza che ricorda la prima Golf GTI, auto a cui questa Up! vuole rendere omaggio. Una caratterizzazione più frizzante che la rende ottima anche per le gite fuori porta, senza rinunciare al carattere docile da città. (More)

Take a tour of our new compact SUV with Model Brand Manager Louiza Atcheba. (More)

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