A Better Fenyr ? | Asphalt 9 6* Zenvo TS1 GT Multiplayer

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Asphalt 9 Maxed Zenvo TS1 GT Multiplayer
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Ramon S. says:

3:17 Wow OG-JCBLiTZ vs Aaphalt 89, it's a shame for the accident at 4:20

Sher Singh says:

5:00 who had a poor connection 😀

Jonathan Priddy says:

lol better than lykan

Jonathan Priddy says:

regera i guess.. is on top

Jonathan Priddy says:

lol better than fenyr true

Jonathan Priddy says:

waht can i say a good s class lol

Jim Halloway says:

this driving is poopie

Jakub Burandt says:

imagine that you buy this car in real life and drive like this man

قناة ألعاب فيديو says:

Nice 🧡🧡🧡

AKAI2002 says:

I'm guessing at 6:41 you put that taxi on his face lolol

tanvir ahmed says:

please real sound gamplay please please please please ………………………………………………………………

Sumit Chakravarty says:

Hey what is the name of the new car that is coming in the festival of asphalt 8 that is going to start in a few hours. It looked like konigsegg

Saba Nadkar says:

Play with regera

GO1172 #NOP2W says:

4:20 rip 6 hours recharge

Nelson Vlogs says:

I’m a old a9 player but I can’t get onto the game bc I’m on mobile

Muhammed Macit says:

Tomorrow the get a nice and very fast car for free 10.00 (asphalt 8)

Prince Vegeta says:

I want "zombie apocalypse" back!

Lucas Adonay says:

Hey a89
Can u do mclaren slr next?
If you can thx

Curtis Tang says:

I Can't even get this car because:
1. Can't get out Gold League (Don't call me a noob plz I tried by best T_T)
2. Milestones are insanely high
3. Can't reach Top 3000

shaju kurian says:

The bricky beast

B M says:

Rpm Rain after the first race be like
Now that's called revenge

Sreyas Mundra says:

Problem is, this car is 4 times as expensive to upgrade with credits than the Fenyr, so beginners may skip this and try to farm for the Trion Nemesis

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