A Better Version Of The Fenyr… | Asphalt 9 6* Golden Zenvo TS1 GT Multiplayer

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Asphalt 9 Golden Zenvo TS1 GT Multiplayer
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Aditya Sai Vemparala says:

Drives like a jesko tho (kinda)

Marcus Akwabi says:

mind if you would teach me your skills bro?

TRTM_EpicRegeraGamer147 #NoPay2Win says:

7:29 Why does the screen shake like that?

Kauanlopes kaumeme says:

Music intron

arunabhho das says:

Great video. Keep it up. Can someone tell me the name of the first song played in the video? Thnx in advance!

Super Surge says:

4:57… WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT?!

Zar Thor says:

But fenyr looks more stylish

Tui LΓ  Tui says:

Pls do Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport MP!!!

Unknown is Live says:

Video quality πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

France Ferdinand says:

Fun Fact:When the blue nitro part is long it means it will consume a lot of nitro when you do a perfect nitro but…the more the smaller nitro part..the more the consumed nitro will be efficiently be used

France Ferdinand says:

7:30 why did the screen shake

Ali Hamdan says:

You are a legendary

Ali Hamdan says:

You are crazy

Gaming Tipser says:

Lykhan contensy better and drifting radius low….πŸ‘πŸ‘

AMP123 1 says:

Hi 89! Can u start like a A9 guide?

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