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A-Class TV commercial “Pulse” – Mercedes-Benz original

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Dynamic look meets sporty performance: The new commercial “Pulse” skillfully presents the A-Class at its very best. Watch the sporty new Mercedes-Benz at one with the road.

Find out more at http://bit.ly/NkUDbj

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mrtafk says:

+mrontheotherside lol yeah

mrtafk says:

A for action-packed

Trudy Overell says:

This is what all comercial should be like even washing machine ones like you have the slow part of the song when you put the blocks in the wachin machine then when te water flows have the beat drop imagine that XD

DJ Comedy says:

The song is Audiomachine- Guardians at the Gate(Access Denied Remix). Jk its Darude Sandstorm.

Captn Morgan says:

Audiomachine-Guardians at the Gate (Access Denied Dubstep Edit)

PREDLeader says:

Audiomachine, good choice.

div. says:

@itiooh: Thanks a lot for da song name! Peace.

luclarkno9 says:

Came just looking for this. Thank you very much!

ogul bilgi says:

33 seconds of pure orgasm

Scepter Se7en says:

this is the only commercial i have ever searched on You Tube

NielFX says:

A Class-commercial. Cheers!

sidhu7911july says:

Thank you m/

SealAngel says:

I wanna drive this car with that amazing dubstep song crankin.

This car! that music! it gets your pulse racing. Amazing commercial.

Jessa Cadampog says:

amazing car, one of a kind,very strong body and good engine

svenn kara says:

Hell yeah! Mercedes Benz does not only make the best cars in the world, now they made the best car commercial ever! das beste oder nichts!

Bob Fang says:

The only commercial that i've ever searched

FloofyUnicorn says:

Best car commercial ever <3 LOVE IT!

Antonio Casagrande says:

"A is for A – Class", that gave me fuc*ing orgasm

TKChris1337 says:

If i could affort it i would buy it perhabs, just because of the commercial. Gj and nice taste of music

Eray Akar says:

I <3 dubstep

Linkinito says:

A for Awesome.

mrontheotherside says:

Well, that's a good commercial. That'll teach Toyota..

Dirt says:

Dubstep is taking over the world.

Swarm Theory says:

That was the only reason I wanted to find this commercial xD

oooxmisterxoo says:

Damien Damien – Y shape

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