A first Look at the all new Aston Martin DB11

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A first Look at the all new Aston Martin DB11 with Graham King, the snappy dresser from Only Motors.

See more of the team at http://onlymotors.tv

Correction: The DB11 will not available with a manual gearbox as stated in the video.


GTR Man says:

The best cars in the world.

Nicola Fiore says:

È qualcosa di unico

Hamza Iqbal says:

Check out my Walkaround

Kevcrave says:

made by mercedes benz? why everything so mercedes inside?

Jacob Brooks says:

Literally looks like every other Aston Martin except for the rapid

warak anda says:

The wider body at the rear is really sexy, nice to look at, but it loss the classic original charm of Aston Martin without the duck tail, very shameful, looks like the jaguar F sport, but overall very sleek, seems powerful like a leapord, really really awesome… Tq bro.

shivam agarwal says:

Host looks so much like Stuart little

Michael Ray says:

interior is spectacular. exterior is disappointing. this interior should be in the Vanquish, which is, imo, the best Aston Martin made

Captain Win says:

Stupid opening behind the front wheel is stupid. On dirty British roads the car will permanently be dirty.

Ather Radwi says:

Yet, the dumb gear selection buttons! What, couldn't creat a better idea!

vok123able says:

God, it's gorgeous!

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