A Lighter Fenyr! | Asphalt 9 6* Golden Zenvo TS1 GT Multiplayer

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Asphalt 9 Golden Zenvo TS1 GT Multiplayer
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ntm576 says:


"3 mins ago"
Comments: 4 days ago

Nice again

Shiplu Zaman says:

See the diffrence when you drift with the jesko it still keeps 400+ speed thats where it overperforms any car in the game

Laggy says:

this car is easier to drive than jesko and trion
i have it at 4*

Animaker says:

4:16 wow what a… Unbelievable stunt

Pro™ | RΞGΞR∆147 #NoPay2Win says:

1:08 I think you mean "punches"

Mainak GhOsH says:

You please try kawasaki z8oo

NovaNemesis04 says:

No offense but there is a typo in the thumbnail where you misspelled fenyr into fenry

Shannon Rolle says:

Mine is max now I enjoy it even at 5* very impressive car

EDUAR X1 says:

0:11 name of music please, hero

Freydson Ventura says:

God bless yall, Jesus loves yall and He wants you to be saved 🙏 John 3:16 romans 10:9-10 Have a blessed day yall 🙌🙏!

Kayla Legg says:

I’m really close to unlocking it in mp

rapid sonic says:

Well, guess I'll focus on getting the chiron if the drop rates are good

Whats the name of the first song

jenson ca says:

Hey can u pls do a video on the bugatti chiron in asphalt 9 cus I just wanted to know how u would think about that car

Marshall Mathers says:

You unnecessarily do punch drift at some places. 🤷🏻‍♂️

shreyas says:

A89 in the thumbnail – "A LIGHTER FENRY "

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