Adam Carolla with Ken Miles' Original Ford GT40

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Adam Carolla visits a Shelby museum to take a look at the original Ken Miles Ford GT40 race car that he raced at Le Mans in 1966 . Video also features Christian Bale and Matt Damon.


Mike R says:

Please don't ruin this video with Bale and Damon.
2 JOs.

Ungur Dani says:

Beauty superb car pls subscribe

roy gustafson says:

Adam you're awesome Brother.. the best Ken miles sit in they could've found

gavran natalie GTHR says:

Triple Crown winner..real racers will understand!!! R.I.P. Ken…a true legend

Ronin says:

in my opinion the most beautiful looking car and one of the best sounding

EGB18 says:

Ken did get the triple crown f the rules rest in paradise a legend

jerry morelos says:

That is not Ken miles

Shadow7EV3N says:

Even the door is bend dammnnn love history of motorsports

ToxicGamingTV says:

Tbh ken miles should slow down then get faster to be 1st

BDMotorsports says:

The amazing thing is, it not 250+ at the end…its near the beginning and staying at that speed for a long time.

Scott McAfee says:

Never trust a Ford man. Unless he leaves and then saves Chrysler.

Nancy Tok Juan Lim says:

And I thought ferrari was the bad guy in ford vs ferrari

Lord Greystoke says:

Totally gutless and dick move by McLaren.

SteveRodgers says:

Ford screwed Ken in such a disgusting way and I cannot stand maclaren because their reputation was built on a shameful win.

Jeff Becker says:

Wonder if the door shuts on it now.

Ian Nicholls says:

Don’t forget that this was also Denny Hulme’s car. He came 2nd at Le Mans in ‘66 as well. And won the ‘67 F1 World Championship. Respect to a very tough racer.

RoaroftheTiger says:

I was lucky enough to meet Ken Miles' co- driver of the same Car at Lemans – Lloyd Ruby. It was at Laguna Seca, during Historic Car Week in Monterey. When Ford was the featured "marque", in the early 2000's. I told Him, how He was a "childhood hero". A Texan, but a humble Gentleman. As He seemed embarrassed by my "hero worship". I'll always prize His autograph.

Frank Nash says:

When an actor pretends to be a race historian. I turn off. Hell I turn off when I see Hollywood

Jean paul Arseneault says:

Ken Miles.Original Ford GT 40 is very hot

Andrew Mawdsley says:

Disgusting the way Ken was treated. 😡

Blackylackie says:

Shen i was little i wondered why this was a verunning popular colour scheme. 2 years ago i realised it was ken miles's car

jetdr says:

I would be afraid to even touch that car!! 25 to 30 million…

Odin Skugga says:

Adam Corolla directly from Tokyo…….

Craig Smith says:

That's gotta be a 100 million $ collection. Insane!!

Tobi Di Rossi says:

The Triple Crown of racing is Indy, Le Mans and Monaco 🙄

Alpha5niner says:

Try 50 to 60 mil. One of most famous cars ever.

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